Apple Announces 128 GB IPad

Apple announced its latest update to the iPad 4. The new iPad will offer 128GB of storage which is the largest storage space among all tablets. The highest amount of storage available for an iPad, previous to this update, was 64GB. Since consumers are using tablets more than their PC’s, the additional storage space better meets their needs. With the increased storage space, Apple is targeting this iPad toward professional users such as doctors or architects who work with large files. In addition, gamers, movie fans, and magazine readers will enjoy the extra storage space.

Apple’s 128GB iPad will have all the same features debuted with the fourth-generation iPad back in October 2012. With a 9.7 inch retina display, everything appears crisp and lifelike. The powerful A6X chip is twice as fast so apps run smoothly and are very responsive, without sacrificing battery life. With the iPad you can get up to ten hours of battery life. There are over 300,000 native iPad apps which mean there is no limit to the possibilities of the iPad. If you want to record something using the iSight camera, videos are captured in 1080p HD.

A mid-cycle upgrade like this is rare for tech companies like Apple. Instead of debuting a new iPad once a year or so, Apple is now treating the iPad more like their Mac line. This means that they will release incremental updates to existing models. This is unlike how Apple treats their iPhone lineup, which receives a new update about only once anually. When the latest iPhone 5 was released in September, general sales for the iPhone line and iPhone accessories soared worldwide.


It is also suspected that Apple is attempting to push users away from Microsoft’s new Surface Pro Tablet which is set to release just four days after the release of the new iPad. The Surface Pro Tablet is set to cost $899 for the 64GB model and $999 for the 128GB model.

There have been recent reports that Apple’s customer loyalty is declining. The 128GB iPad is Apple’s attempt to counteract these loses by earning more enterprise customers. Enterprise customers offer companies, like Apple, security. To streamline their networks, businesses adapt to a certain technology and tend to stick with it. Once the investment is made into Apple products, it is unlikely that a company will start from scratch when Google Android comes out with something new.

The 128GB iPad will be available starting February 5, 2013. It will come in both black and white. The Wi-Fi model will cost $799 and the Wi-Fi plus cellular version will cost $929. The iPad can be purchased through Apple stores,, and authorized re-sellers.

Jordan Kissel is a content writer for Wireless Emporium, the leading online retailer for cell phone accessories.

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