6 DSLRs For The Photography Newbie

When it comes to buying a digital SLR, there’re more choices than ever these days. An SLR gives you a whole array of shooting options at your fingertips, from manual control to the ability to change lenses. Read on to find the best cameras designed for beginners…

Canon EOS 100D

Offering the same image quality as many other entry-level SLRs, the new EOS 100D is the smallest and lightest APS-C DSLR yet produced – the flexibility photographers have always wanted. The camera comes with a simplistic in-camera feature guide, plus an impressive touch screen, which allows touch-to-focus function and hence makes it more precise. Using the same sensor as 700D and 650D, the 100D creates images consistent to the larger cameras. Thanks to its easy to use features, it is perfect for those first-time DSLR photographers in need of a cracking camera.

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