Springtime Home Decorating

This post answers the following questions

1) How to decorate a springtime home?
2) What can change the look of the room dramatically?
3) Why do windows mean more to a home than you can imagine?
4) What is the most effortless way to transition your room to spring?
5) What to do if you live in an apartment?

There is no season that is as welcomed as spring.  For different people spring means and symbolises different things.   To many it means starting over and refreshing life.  If you are thinking of monumental changes well, think again.  Moving furniture around and cleaning out a cluttered room the simples and most effortless way to transition it to spring.

Colour and Spring go hand in hand.  Mid tone, organic colours and lots of light add energy to any living area.  Be it with your walls, fabrics or the flow of things, create a whole new look or add the finishing touch to you home that is light, refreshing and tranquil.

You do not have to buy new pieces of furniture to give cozy, living space a new look. Floral fabrics or colourful decorative, throw pillows add that dose of spring to the sofa and airiness to the living area.  Put them on your dining room chairs as well and get soft cushions to curl up with.  Don’t give up your comfort for a good functional space.  Work around it.

Your walls hold your home together and whatever colour your use totally affects the theme and décor of the house as well as the disposition of all who live in it.   Fresh paint imparts a clean and fresh feeling and for spring soft pastel colours, khaki or white is best as these colours evoke serenity.   Energetic patterns and lively springtime motifs can turn your wall into a conversation piece.

Windows mean more to a home than you can imagine so give them the treatment they deserve.  Let the sun in, through light, airy sheers with plain, embroidered, or printed and colourful floral patterns.  This will add that spring flair to the space around your windows.  Choose your curtains last because it is that home accessory that ties all the colours in the room together.

When spring sets in, replace thick, dark coloured rugs with jute, sisal, cotton or light textured one in pale, cooling colours. It can change the look of the room dramatically making it feel more open and large.  You can carry the airy look and flow of colour throughout the house by using more rugs as accents or borders.

Along with your room also waken your senses! Use candles for fragrance and place them in clear bowls, vases or plates and in turn place it on your side tables.  Colour therapy for your senses can be achieved by placing colourful fruits or exotic keepsakes on your side tables, mantles and shelves.

For those who live in apartments and do not have the luxury of a porch to unwind in, do not be disheartened.  Get the look and feel of the porch inside.  Simple, light accessories will do the trick. A garden chair in a cosy corner of the room with the feel of a sisal rug under your feet, a vase of fresh flowers by your side and a view of your room with its floral fabrics will give you the staged feel of the outdoors.

Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Bathrooms, the on-line store for designer shower cubicles. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u

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