When Did Supermarkets Get Fun?

I used to hate shopping in the supermarket. If I try really hard I can still recall the endless hours of wandering round our local one with my parents looking for dull stuff, like bleach and those awful tea biscuits which tasted like shoes boxes.

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I went to do some shopping the other day for the first time in years and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So what has changed in the intervening years to make a trip to the supermarket a more entertaining proposition than it was before? Why did I leave the store and head back to my car with a contented look on my face?

More Interesting Products

Supermarkets used to sell really dull things in the past, didn’t they? I don’t remember seeing anything other than the kind of basic household items which make it hard to stifle a yawn. On my recent trip I was stunned to see a lot of stuff which really interested me. For a start, I spent ages in the PC section looking at the accessories that I might need. I then found a clothes-section and tried a few things on. I usually hate trying on clothes but there was no one around so I felt a lot more relaxed about it than I usually do. I might not get to use the Bermuda shorts I bought for a good few months but at least I know that they are ready for next year’s holiday. Thankfully I remembered my sister’s birthday just as I passed the perfume section. I got her a bottle of smelly stuff which has been endorsed by her favourite singer.

Food from Around the World

I almost fainted when I saw a row of pots of dulche de leche. I had tasted this wickedly delicious caramel on a trip to Argentina and had no idea that you could get it in the UK. In fact, I had gotten so desperate to try it again that I had followed some online instructions and boiled a tin of condensed milk. The experiment had turned out pretty badly but now I could enjoy one of my favourite foods again at last. Another exotic sounding food I had tried abroad once is something called Biltong. This is a South African style of dried meat strips. I hadn’t expected to ever find it here, as I have never heard anyone else talk about it. However, it seems that the store’s beef jerky supplier makes an authentic version of Biltong.  It was even better than I had remembered it to be and got me nicely in the mood for a little bit more dulche de leche. There were lots of other products I had never heard of before so I will definitely be spending some time investigating them and then trying them out as well.

A Crèche

When I was knee high to a cheese counter I would have loved for my parents to head off along to buy all the boring stuff while they left me to play. Sadly this wasn’t an option and the only relatively fun idea I could come up with was to count the number of chickens I could see or try to work out how to sneak a bar of chocolate into the basket. Now I can take my little girl along with me and get pleasure out of watching her play in a crèche while I look for more interesting food to try out. It looks like it become one of her favourite days out in the future and this means that I can enjoy my shopping like never before.

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