Top 5 Creepy Adult Insect Costumes

Halloween is for adults just as much as it is for children; however, there are some costumes that just go better on children. Bugs, for example. While kids have the tendency of looking cute dressed up as little insects, adults are more inclined of coming across as… well, creepy. Below we’ll take a look at the top 5 creepiest bug costumes worn by adults.

5. Fly

Flies are icky enough as it is (ever looked at one up close? Or seen the movie “The Fly,” for that matter?) so why would you want to dress like one? It’s highly questionable that anyone wearing this costume is going to be a hit with the gals at whatever Halloween party/event he attends- or receive very many treats, for that matter.

4. The Tick

Remember that goofy old cartoon superhero, The Tick? Well, why not be him for Halloween? Never mind the fact that a full-grown man squeezed into a tight blue costume of a cartoon insect is… well, how should we phrase it? A bit weird.

3. Cockroach

For the life of me, I don’t know why anyone would choose to dress as an cockroach on Halloween. Sure, they’re creepy and crawly, (a characteristic required for the holiday,) but they’re also among the grossest things to roam the earth. If you’re going to dress up as something that will survive a nuclear holocaust, why not be Cher instead?

2. Sexy Insects

Although skimpy, sexy costumes seem to be the trend among ladies, let’s face it: Sex and insects just DON’T mix. And if they do, then you’ve got a serious problem. Of course, any lady’s insect costume has a certain element of sex appeal. Sexy ladybugs? Sexy bumblebees? Sex y butterflies? Sexy spiders? It’s ridiculous, and just plain CREEPY.

1. Little Purple Bug

I’m not exactly sure what this is supposed to be, but there’s something about it which is just unsettling. I can imagine someone waddling around in this costume at a Halloween party, hitting on all the chicks in their sexy ladybug gear, and later, following one of them home and peeping through their window. The thought is frightening, to say the least. If you see this guy lurking near the punch bowl, run in the opposite direction.

So there you have it: 5 creepy insect Halloween costumes for adults. I would like to give an honorary mention to one more buggy costume: The Tapeworm. I guess not all women feel the need to dress up as sexy critters on Halloween.

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About the author: Chris is a blogger for Jersey City Pest Control. He’ll be taking his little tike out as a lady buy this Halloween.

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