The Trend for Hand-Me-Downs

One of the issues with children’s clothing is the length of time the little ones ever get to wear them. Infants grow at such a fast rate that children’s clothing can be outgrown before it is worn half a dozen times. This means that many people enjoy the whole ritual of hand me downs.

However, if you don’t have anyone to hand your child’s clothing down to or want to see a return for your seldom worn Mayoral Clothing then reselling your children’s clothing might seem like a good idea.

Some stores give a good return on second hand children’s clothing and as much of it is seldom if ever worn then, why not? It is after all nearly good as new.  So, here are some tips for getting the best price and making selling Mayoral Clothing and other children’s clothing easier.

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Consider the Store

Some children’s shops are geared for selling at a significant discount and will be there to offer value to adults with new children, whereas others are more inclined to offer more money. Take a look at the store and the market they are selling to before passing on your Mayoral Clothing for a lot less than you purchased it.


Some stores require you to call beforehand to book a meeting or an appointment first. This allows them the chance to give you the time required to look through the clothing and makes it easier. Some stores only look at clothing on certain days due to resource reasons. So, always call beforehand to ensure they are no particular requirements.

Wash and Good Condition

It shouldn’t have to be said but the clothing should be in good condition beforehand and should not be too worn or dirty. This works for you in two ways, as a store that receives dirty clothing will be less likely to take it and secondly if they do take less likely to give you a good price. You wouldn’t sell a car if it were dirty, or a house with an overgrown garden – so, don’t sell your Mayoral Clothing off for less than it’s worth because it is dirty or untidy.

Oxyclean powder and other liquids can remove the heavier staining that can limit the price you will receive for the items. These treatments take a little time but can make all the difference to the price you are offered.


Clothes should be folded and as presentable as possible. There is nothing as bad as showing up with a plastic bag full of clothes all muddled together and then throwing them all out on the floor. It will irritate and also more than likely mean you get less for your Mayoral Clothing and other child’s clothing than you should.


As with adult clothing, children’s clothing trends also change and so there will be certain prices offered for out of date clothes.  Follow these tips and hopefully you will get more for your children’s clothing that you would expect.

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