The Most Popular Candle Scents

The popularity of scented candles is immense, and the candle industry is huge. Within the industry, special attention is given to candle scents, as certain aromas create a variety of sensory responses. Did you know candle manufacturers work closely with fragrance companies to develop certain scents? These companies help create that special feeling you get from lighting up your favorite candle. However, scents can affect our other senses, and they can alter the way we think and feel. Below are the most common scent types, and the sensory reactions associated with them:


Vanilla scents are often considered a romantic favorite and is considered a natural aphrodisiac. Additionally, vanilla gives a sense of relaxation and helps promote weight loss. Furthermore, vanilla can strengthen memory skills, which makes it a great candle to light while studying. Many vanillas are often combined with other scents to create a dynamic fragrance with additional effects.


There are many varieties of floral fragrances available to the public. Whether the scent is rose, lilac or lavender, floral candles are said to promote a long list of health benefits, and many of the floral aromas create a feeling of bliss. Lavender is one of the most popular of the floral fragrances and for good reason. It lifts the mood, relieves headaches and calms the nerves.

Tasty Scents

Edible candle scents smell so good you could almost eat them – and that’s the point. These fragrances mimic popular food smells so accurately your houseguests will think you just made a meal in your kitchen. Edible candles that really stand out are those reminiscent of comfort foods, especially desserts. Some examples are sugar cookie, apple pie, coffee, hazelnut and pumpkin. These pleasant aromas give off a nostalgic feel that brings you back to Grandma’s kitchen.

Spa Scents

Imagine lying down on the massage table, breathing deep and enjoying an aroma that takes your mind to a relaxing place – that’s the appeal of spa scents. These scents have a calming quality that can transport you to a Zen realm. These luxury candles can make you feel like you are being pampered with each light of their wick.

Though there are many more candle scents, the above are the most common. They entice our other senses and invoke our other sensory responses. A scented candle can relax us, excite us, and take us to different realms in our imagination. The next time you’re looking to light a candle, consider one of the scents above, so you may benefit from their effects.

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