The Cost of Fake Sunglasses

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Before you go on holiday, you may do what I did and cruised for the perfect pair of sunglasses so that I looked my best by the pool. I searched and searched but the designer sunglasses I had my peepers on were far out of my price range. Some of them were nearly as much as the holiday itself!

I folded and bough a cheap pair from my local supermarket. Full UV protection and a flash of colour suited me fine. It wasn’t until I was on the beach that I realised that there were many people selling copies of the designer sunglasses I wanted for less than ten pounds.

I cracked and purchased aviator style ‘Ray Boms’. They were comfortable and looked the part but I wanted to know what the catch is. I did a little research to find out.

I soon found out that despite the cheaper price, I realised that due to the whole sale price and the materials these glasses are made out of, I had paid over the odd for them regardless.

UV Protection

Most fake sunglasses don’t mention UV protection. The skin around the eye is particularly sensitive, as is the actual eye. UV rays can lead to impaired sight and burning around the eyes


Should you have an accident, most glasses should be made from a shatterproof plastic which will prevent your eyes from permanent injury or damage. Bogus sunspecs could leave you paying a lot more in the long run.

Some phony specs can also end up giving you headaches with poor framing and distorted lenses.

Skin allergies

It turns out that the faux pair you purchase and most likely to be made out of nickel and coated over the top. The real deals are made from quality materials that are meant to last. Nickel plating is well known for not only being cheap and quick to deteriorate but also irritating on the skin.

All fakes are equal?

Turns out they aren’t. The more trusted fake dealers will tell you that they are either inspired by said brand or replicas but not the actual ones. The more trusted, the less likely they are to state this in unreadable print too.

So next time you reach for a fake pair of raybans, make sure you think twice and consider saving up for authentic shades. Have you ever had a pair of fake sunglasses and had any problems with them? Or have you been lucky?

Susannah Perez is a passionate fashion and beauty writer in her mid twenties, living a fast paced life and blogging every moment. She is a self confessed lingerie addict with a passion for burlesque, makeup and London vintage style. She loves an art show and her job for Valley Optics.

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