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The world is a lot smaller place now days! With the increase in technology and also travel, it is possible to travel to the ends of the earth, as well as shop also! If you do a quick search on the internet for a product of your choice, you can not only find this from companies in your country, but also many resellers dotted throughout the world. This means that the average consumer has a much wider choice then was traditionally on offer. With this choice though there also comes the need for being more vigilant and making sure that you do business with only respected and trusted suppliers. You can get some excellent bargains if you shop abroad.

Some Pitfalls

Whether you are looking to actually go abroad and purchase, or are looking to purchase online through the internet, there are some things that you will need to take into account before committing to a purchase.

  •     Exchange Rate
  •     Local VAT
  •     Delivery Charges
  •     Import/Export Duty
  •     Taxes
  •     Insurance

Quite often you can find that what you thought was an amazing bargain can turn out to be a lot more expensive than you first though. Use an application on your Smartphone or Laptop and check the exchange rates when you are in the shop or looking online. Also check if the goods you are looking to buy are going to be subject to any duty when taking them home and also any duty to get them out of the country in the first place. If this is something that you cannot carry with you when you travel, then you will need to check out the shipping options available. You will also need to make sure that you have adequate insurance for your purchase in the event of loss or damage whilst in transit. If very valuable then you may need to take out additional insurance. You will also need to make sure that you will not have to pay the local VAT if you are purchasing abroad, it may be the case that even though you do not have to be charged the VAT, some retailers are not in the position to offer a VAT free sale, so you would need to go through the process of claiming this back at the airport before you leave the country.

Buying in Person

Some people prefer to buy something in person so that they can see the item for real and feel and touch it before buying. This can be a good idea as it is easy to manipulate pictures now days. That vintage engagement ring that you saw online may not look quite as attractive in the light of day when it arrives. By going to the shop you can pick the piece up and check it out in natural light before buying. You do need to make sure though that you do not let a pushy sales person pressure you even more though into making a decision, which you can get when visiting a shop.

Shopping Online

The internet is a valuable tool and can give you access to a wealth of information. You can use this to find a retailer in your local area or on the other side of the world that is both reputable and also reliable. There are thousands of forums on all different types of subjects where you can get advice and also peoples first hand experiences from the companies that they have dealt with. Once you have found a reputable dealer who is industry accredited and then you can see what they have to offer via their online catalogue. They may have more on offer than you can see so if you are after something in particular, it may be worthwhile sending an email or making a phone call to relay your specific requirements to the retailer and see if they have what you are looking for. As you do not have to visit the shop, you do not have to worry about driving and parking the car, fighting the queues to get to the place and then waiting for someone to serve you. You can go through their stock at your own pace and there is nobody to pressure you into a sale.

Secure Payments

Remember though to try and use a credit card when purchasing, especially online, even if you have the cash to pay for it. This will give you an added level of insurance in case of any problems and you can pay the bill as soon as you get it if you have the cash. There are lots of bargains to be had around the world and you can find that perfect special something that you are looking for. Just remember to be careful and do not rush into a decision.

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This article was written by Misty Angel on behalf of Kalmar Antiques. You can find lots of quality vintage engagement rings along with many other great antiques at Kalmar Antiques. Misty has 3 children and she likes to shop. She also likes sharing her experiences and stories with people online.

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