Sending Anniversary Flowers Advice

Anniversaries are a wonderful occasion to celebrate; they acknowledge that a loving relationship has endured once again. The beauty of a lasting relationship is best reflected in a spectacular bouquet of specially selected blossoms. Both individuals in a couple deserve this kind of treat on that special day. A partnership should be recognised with an annual party, decorated with flowers and made an occasion for friends to gather together and admire.

Another great idea is to send flowers for someone else’s anniversary, for example, to your parents, grandparents or someone close to the family. This is a way to show that you respect and support the time they have invested in each other. A good and lasting marriage is the product of sacrifice and hard work that should be acknowledged by all well-wishers.

What are some things to pay attention to?

Whether the flowers are for your own anniversary, or someone else’s, make sure to double and triple check the date! This, unfortunately, applies especially to men, who often seem to have a mental block about remembering dates. Especially as flowers that are sent late could be thought to show a lack of enthusiasm or interest.

Planning ahead is a good idea, to see where you can order the best flowers, make arrangements to have them delivered. Taking some extra time will help you avoid any bumps in the road, like an incorrect address.

There are certain flowers for a certain anniversaries

Carnations are sent for the first four years of marriage, to symbolize the joy of being married.

Daisies are sent for the following four years as they endorse faithfulness in a marriage.

Daffodils are sent for the following years until the 24th anniversary as they represent kind regards.

Irises can be sent until the 49th year of marriage as they symbolize the importance of the growth of a marriage.

Violets are great for an anniversary over 50 year milestone, these flowers encompass the happiness, respect, loyalty found in such a long marriage.

Include a special note with the flowers. Start by congratulating the couple on the success of their marriage, and then you can include some words about why you find their relationship inspiring.

If you are giving the bouquet to a spouse, then you can follow the same line, express your joy for being together for such a long time. Express why you feel your relationship is so important to you and finally a few words of love to round things off. 

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