Lazy Artists Guide to Saving Money and Looking Good

Wearable art is all the rage this season and with so many people living green, this fashion trend has no where to go but up. There are many great choices for this trend. Sewing, crafting, crocheting, beading, knitting are but a few of the great ways to express this new trend.


Hand sewn clothing in often considered to be of better quality than store purchased clothing items. Sewing machines and serger’s have made this even easier to accomplish. Everything from skirts, shirts, slacks, jeans and even underwear can be hand sewn. Quilts can be turned into jackets and other wraps to keep the wearer warm during the cooler months of the year as well. All skill levels can learn to sew and wear what they make with pride.


There are many great ways to express oneself with crafts. Wearing hand designed projects is a perfect example. Crafts can incorporate unusual items into them. Nuts, pine cones, rocks, woods, leather are all good examples of items that can be utilized to create such projects. Necklaces, headbands, additions to other articles of clothing are just a few great examples of crafts that can be easily worn.


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Shawls, sweaters, fingerless gloves, gloves, necklaces, bracelets and more can all be crocheted into great wearable art items. One could also add beads, wooden pieces or nuts to the clothing item. Add some beads or baubles to the item and the look is even more enhanced.


Knitting also lends itself well to this trend. Again, shawls and sweaters, gloves both fingerless and fingered, jewellery items and shawls and wraps are all fine examples of great ways to wear ones art projects.


Beading is a fashionable trend that floats in and out of popularity. Often incorporated into one of the above projects, beading can also stand alone as something to wear. From beaded bracelets, rings and necklaces to beaded tee shirts, bikini’s and more, beading offers the creator a lot of opportunities to freely express oneself.

There are also many great venues for selling such hand crafted items and people will pay upwards of thousands of dollars for something that is uniquely hand crafted. Some people choose to wear their own creations while many others take direct orders and make items for specific clients while others choose to utilize craft shows and online websites for selling their wares. Wearable art isn’t new, it’s just a great way to freely express oneself.

Art and fashion go hand in hand with wearable art. Kiss of the Wolf is a clothing company that designs high end fashions by coombining style with a hand made feel.

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