How to Find True Wholesale Diamond Jewelry

Purchasing wholesale diamond jewelry often requires an element of trust on the buyer’s part. There may not be a lot of time to consult an expert on a stone’s quality before a great deal has a chance to evaporate. When dealing with an online jeweler, there may not even be an opportunity to see the merchandise in person before making the purchase. However, no one should let that stop them from taking advantage of adding sparkling diamonds to their jewelry wardrobes or those of loved ones for the incredible values that wholesale pieces can offer.

The first step is to understand the difference between true wholesale prices and stores that advertise wholesale prices. Honest-to-goodness diamond jewelry wholesale prices are not available to the general public. Real wholesale prices are those arranged by jewelry makers and vendors and the eventual sellers. These prices are just high enough to ensure the maker generates a profit, yet they are low enough that the retailer can mark up the price he charges to his customers to make his profit.

On the other hand, there are stores that advertise “wholesale” prices. While these prices often are discounts compared to those of other stores, they are not true wholesale prices because a buyer need not have a business license to take advantage of them. Stores can offer these low prices through various means, like buying pieces in bulk from a supplier, having fewer employees, and offering lower-quality. Before even considering buyer from such a retailer, a buyer would be wise to learn about diamond basics and research the background of a specific store. That can be as simple as entering the store’s name in an Internet search engine.

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Online jewelers tend to be as close to true wholesale diamond jewelry prices as most people can get. The reason is simple: e-businesses do not have to maintain expensive storefronts or gallery spaces. Most of them happily pass the savings on to their customers. Before making a major purchase, research the retailer, particularly its levels of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, some of these American-based businesses will not ship diamond jewelry to Canadian customers or accept payment in Canadian dollars. Information on whether a particular website will send a purchase north and what currency it will accept should be found on its shipping options, customer service or frequently asked questions pages. Failing that, phone or e-mail its customer service staff for help.

It is possible to get the true wholesale price, but it will be necessary to set up as a legal jewelry business. Anyone interested in taking this route should contact his or her provincial and municipal officials to find out the steps that must be taken. Usually, this is only worth the trouble for people who plan to buy larger quantities of diamonds at one time.

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