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In recent years fashion has gone through some interesting changes. Some of these changes reflect the 90’s era of hip hop fashion and style. It seems that everything in fashion is going retro from the jeans, to the shirts and even the choice of shoes that people wear. In the urban/hip hop culture hats and accessories have always been a big part of style. If you simply look back at some of the older music videos from the 80’s, 90’s and early part of the 2000’s you would find that hats have always been synonymous with style.

The Rise of the Snapback

In the early 90’s, the hip hop culture was very heavily influenced by sports teams and their apparel. Rappers and R&B singers would dress in baseball jerseys, football jerseys and even basketball jerseys when attending events. They would also wear their favorite teams snapback hat as an extra accessory to their clothing. Around the end of the 90’s the snapback style and trend began to die down and most people began to wear fitted hats instead. In recent years the snapback trend has been reignited and are now available to be customized in ways never thought of before.


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Snapbacks For Cheap

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