Finding The Right Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are not something that you purchase every day. That’s why purchasing a ring– takes time. Also, looking at the many different styles can be overwhelming. Therefore it’s important to learn how to choose a ring – and find the right place to make the purchase. One of the best ways of finding that perfect ring is to visit an online jewelry store, as they tend to have a wide variety of rings; and some of them also have professional jewelers available to help with the decision making process.


Choosing the diamond that goes into the engagement ring can be one of the hardest decisions. Plus, there is talk of the 4 Cs; this means looking at the cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The cut is the first aspect that should be considered, it can be a princess cut as well as an asscher, emerald, round or other cuts. Further, each cut will provide a different shaped diamond, which greatly affects the way light plays with this brilliant stone.
After the cut is chosen, the color should be considered. White diamonds are amongst the most popular; however the color doesn’t stop there. Each white diamond has a different color, making them more or less white in color. The clarity also details how clear it is and if any inclusions are in the stone. It is advisable that before you purchase anything from an online jewelry store; talk to one of their consultants and discuss all of the colors and clarities in detail so that you can figure out what exactly is it that you want.
The carat weight is the overall size of the stone; and some of the diamond engagement rings feature a single diamond in the setting, which can be a carat or even larger. Therefore, the larger the carat, the more expensive the ring will be. It’s also possible to use several smaller diamonds around the ring. But, be wary and only purchase diamonds from online stores who acquire their diamonds from no-conflict zones.

When it comes to styling, side stones can also be used in diamond engagement rings. And recently, this has become a very popular choice, as many people are looking for a larger and more intricately designed ring. As opposed to going with a solitary diamond setting; side stones are placed on either sides of the main diamond. These are smaller in size and can be a different cut than the larger one, where each diamond is a part of the setting.
Further, the final look of the diamond ring also needs to be considered, this means looking at the metal itself as well as the thickness of the band and the finish. When it boils down to the winners; Yellow gold, white gold and platinum are amongst the favorites for engagement rings, while two-tone rings are also becoming more popular. The thickness of the band often has to do with the size of the person’s hand. Further, the finish can be polished or satin, or feature various engravings along the perimeter.

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