Scary Cool Patio Decor Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and your thoughts have turned to decorating the house. You want to create a scene that’s frightening and yet fun. There are countless decorations available at the local stores, but you don’t want a hodge-podge of pieces. You want a cohesive design that delights visitors and family alike. Here are a few ideas to bring the scary to your patio without freaking out the neighbors too much.

Remember the Roof

When it comes to decorating the house for this spooky holiday, you may be looking at orange lights to string along the eaves. However, the rooftop decorations should go beyond simple lights. Large fuzzy spiders are available at the stores for a reasonable price. Up close, there’s nothing scary about them. Placed on the roof, however, they take on a new level of creepy. Extend a few along the eave as if they are crawling over the roof and preparing to invade the house. It’s a daytime decoration that will give everyone in the neighborhood a cool chill.

Watch the Colors

There’s a reason so many Halloween decorations focus on black and dark colors. The fact is that removing bright happy colors will give any space a chilly feel that works well with this creepy holiday. Leave the bright and happy flowers at the store, but bring home some elephant’s ears or black scallop in shades of purple and charcoal to add a little spooky life to the patio. Look for any plants and ornamental grasses with black or deep purple foliage to take things closer to the dark side.

Make the Place Feel Abandoned

Nothing is spookier than an abandoned house or patio. Even if yours is the liveliest place during the summer, you can make it feel lonely and scary when Halloween is on the horizon. Pick up some Spanish moss at the local nursery and use it to make your house look like it hasn’t seen regular maintenance in a while. Drape the moss over the patio door and top it with a creepy sign like Crow’s Road or Blackbird Alley. Your friends will think twice before they duck under the moss to enter your home.

Life-Sized Decorations are Scary

You may love the idea of using life-size decorations but hate the expense. Fortunately, you can afford to add mystery and a frightening touch. Cover a coat rack with a large coat, and then top it with a scary Halloween mask. Get creative with aprons or scarves to cover the rough areas, and you will soon have a custom mannequin that is affordable and delightfully scary.

Halloween Decor

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With a little thought and care, you can create a stunning patio area for entertaining your guests this Halloween. While you’ll still want some orange lights for people to walk around, your focus should be more on the unexpected. Homemade mannequins can become creepy new family members, and hanging moss will make your home feel decidedly mysterious. Remember to move some decorations to the roof, so your guests can be thrilled when they see a skeleton or spider hanging over the edge. Finally, invest in a few Halloween-worthy fall plants to add texture and darkness to your wonderful spooky patio.


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