Rusted To New: Polish Your Metal Cabinets

Rust builds up when oxygen and moisture come in contact with any metal object. In case you notice some brownish red spots or marks on your metal cabinets, then it is apparent the rust is the reason causing the discoloration and deterioration. The stains formed due to rusting are not only ugly, but also decay your metal cabinets. Thus, it is imperative to get rid of rust from your metal cabinets as soon as you notice them at the very first instant in order to prevent it from spreading further and making your cabinets feeble and prone to wear and tear. Before you start with the process make sure to equip yourself with a wire brush, rags and distilled or purified white vinegar.

Instructions to getting rid of rust from Metal Cabinets:
•    Firstly, you ought to brush out the chipping or loose rust using wire brush. Here, make sure to apply some amount of pressure while scrubbing the rusted area with a wire brush in order to remove the loose rust in an effective way.

•    Now saturate the rag with the help of distilled white vinegar and spread it on those rusty spots on your metal cabinets.

•    After spreading the vinegar on the rusty spots, allow it to stay on the cabinets for a few minutes before you start scrubbing. Now scrub out the affected areas on your cabinets with the help of a rag for removing the leftover rust.

•    In case, the spots persist, then you need to make a paste or mix of water and baking soda and spread it on the leftover rusty spots and allow it stay on the spots for around 10 minutes before scrubbing it out with the help of clean rag.

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For severe and old rust stains, you will need to make use of steel wool pads or sandpaper to eradicate the rust stains. Here, remember that this particular technique might scratch or damage the metal. So you ought to be a bit careful out here!

Always try to keep your metal cabinets in a dry state to thwart the formation of rust. Consider applying a good quality rust inhibitor here. For difficult deal with rusty spots, you might have to repaint the entire cabinet again to prevent the recurrence of rust.

Whilst numerous methods are available to get rid of rust or rust stains from the metal cabinets such as making use of sandblasting and using harsh chemicals, but the afore-mentioned techniques are highly practical as well as safe to perform.

This article is provided by Manoj Goure and he writes articles on home décor.

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