Top Things That Prevent Homes From Selling

If you’re looking to move home then chances are that you’ll want to sell your current property before you think about buying a new one. Unless you’re wealthy enough to let out your old home, or to keep it as a holiday home/home for Grandma then this will probably be your only choice.

While this is the only option though, it’s not really down to you how quickly and easily your property sells – and in many cases you can find yourself with a property on your hands that just won’t shift and this might leave you wondering what you can do to improve its chances.

Well rather than thinking necessarily about the things you can do or add, you might want to think about the things that you can stop doing, or that you can remove – that might be preventing your home from catching people’s eyes. Here we will look at some things you might be doing wrong.

Shifty Owners

No offence to you, but if you’re trying to shift your real estate and it’s not selling then it could actually be down to you. When people buy properties they’ll be parting with a lot of money, so they’ll want to feel confident that whoever owned it last will have taken good care of it and won’t be trying to pull the wool over their eyes. As such then if you’re acting suspicious in any way, you should make sure you tone this down. Try speaking to your estate agents and see if they can give you some advice on how to put your viewers at ease.



There are various things that can make a property look run down and mould is certainly one of them. Once mould sets in in your home it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, and it’s not great for your health or the appearance of your property. While there are certainly worse things that people can find, mould is still one of the most off putting.

Granny Pattern

When someone buys your property they will be able to decorate it however they like – so your current style shouldn’t mater write? Well unfortunately the reality is that it can be very hard for someone to imagine homes for sale with their decorations in them if yours are currently too prominent. If your currently wallpaper uses a very outdated and claustrophobic pattern then, or if you have lots of pictures that won’t be too everyone’s tastes – try to make some changes that will make your home feel at least a bit more like a blank canvas that people can design the way they want it.

An Untidy Front Garden

First impressions are incredibly important which is why having a messy front garden/front drive can be such a problem. If the first thing your visitors see is a garden that’s overgrown and looks like no one cares about it, then everything they see subsequently they’ll be judging and half expecting to look similarly derelict. Put some effort in here and it can make a big difference.

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