Top Reasons To Stop Renting And Buy

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If you’re currently renting a property then the unfortunate reality is that you’re also wasting a lot of money on a highly regular basis. The simple fact of the matter is that all the money you spend on rent – which is likely to be hundreds a month – is gone for good and will never come back. This makes it very difficult to progress in life, because you can’t invest much money in order to see it grow.

Buying a property is the first step to getting out of this rut and the best way to start seeing real progress in your life, but that’s not the only reason to make the commitment to buying a place. Here we will look at some of the other most compelling reasons to stop renting…

Status: Having your own property is not just a practical matter, it’s also a matter of status. If you can afford to buy a property then this puts you in the same position that your parents were probably in when they had you so you’ve quite literally ‘made it’. When you have people round you can tell them it’s your place, and you cans go to sleep at night knowing that.

Security: And what this also means you can go to sleep knowing is that no matter what happens, you aren’t going to be turfed out of your property. When you own a place it’s yours which means there’s no landlord waiting for you to slip up, and meaning only the very most dramatic of circumstances could leave you without a roof over your head.

No Dealing With Landlords: Having to deal with landlords is something none of us enjoy, and even the best landlords in the world can be a pain when they come round unannounced or decide not to fix the washing machine that’s been leaking everywhere. When it’s your property it’s all on you and that means you don’t have to deal with anyone you don’t want to. It’s real autonomy.

Doing Anything You Please: And that autonomy also extends to doing whatever you like with your property. Gone then are the days of not being allowed to hammer nails into the wall, or having to ask permission before repainting a room – this is now entirely your space to do with as you wish.

A Much Better Property: For most of us, renting a property means renting a flat or somewhere else relatively small. Unfortunately the simple fact is that houses are too expensive to rent and if we had enough money to do that we’d probably buy. This means that a property you own will always be bigger and more impressive, but more to the point the fact that you can decorate the house exactly how you like and extend the property in any way you want means that it will much more quickly become your dream home. Something which flats very rarely are.

So for all these reasons, as well as the financial sense, it’s time to look into getting a conveyancer and an estate agent and going on the hunt for a home!

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