Three Things To Double Check When Viewing A House

Due to our excitement, it’s easy to view a house with rose tinted glasses. You can be In and out in five minutes, have already fallen head over heels and find yourself putting an offer in moments after leaving. Buying a house is possibly the biggest purchase you will ever make, so it’s not one that should be done hastily. If you like a house, it’s easy to over look the smaller details, and any issues there may be. It is the mistake of not checking a house thoroughly that leaves us the owners of a home that isn’t as rosy as we first thought. Follow this check list to ensure your new home Is in tip top condition-

Check For Damp

Dampness can be a nightmare so it is important you check any house you are considering buying. Most homes will have a damp musty smell if there is a damp problem, but also most home owners will be aware of this and may try to hide the smell with synthetic sprays. There may not be obvious damp such as dark patches on walls. To thoroughly check run your hand over every outside wall. Don’t be shy about it, you’re considering spending a lot of money.

If you do feel that any outside walls are damp make sure you check outside too. Look at the guttering to see if perhaps the problem is that it’s just not being well maintained. It could be an easy fix if so. If the guttering looks fine it could be a bigger problem, so get a professional in to check it before you even consider putting in an offer.

View More Than Once

On a beautiful sunny day when the roads are quiet any house is going to seem appealing. View a property at least twice at different times of the day. If you initially viewed a house in the morning go back at rush hour and when it is dark to see if you are still happy.

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Look For Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks could be a sign of structural problems and could create bigger problems in the long run. Look for cracks in the ceiling and walls. Most cracks will just be plaster disturbance due to the walls naturally expanding a little, if this is the case this isn’t something to be too concerned with. It is important to have any cracks checked over to ensure there is not a bigger problem.  Larger cracks could be caused by problems such as homes being built on landfill sites or mine shafts or houses built on clay soil, which swells due to changes in the weather.

The most important thing to remember when you are viewing a house is that you are in the driving seat. You are the one handing over hundreds of thousands of pounds, it is within your right to check every nook and cranny and ask every question under the sun. You can’t be shy when it comes to house hunting.

Eilidh MacRae works for Capital Moves and has a lot of experience in viewing houses for sale. She would would reccomend Capital Moves for removal companies in London.

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