Is Your Bathroom Stopping Your House from Selling?

Bathrooms in homes can make or break a sale. It’s often one of the must do jobs if you are putting your house on the market.  An older bathroom will cause alarm bells in the minds of potential buyers at worst and at best it will make them put in a much lower offer when it comes to buying.  I am an estate agent (I know, don’t hate me!) and I have a few tips on how to transform your bathroom into the bad point into the greatest selling point you have.

Wet Rooms

If you have a contemporary designed home wet rooms can work extremely well.  These types of bathrooms have become very fashionable of late, and they are ideal for families, professional couples and bachelors.  Installing a wet room may require some expertise from plumbers who will have to add a central drainage point where the water will drain. It’s a great idea to choose an impressive shower for wet rooms too, so go for something ultra-modern and very large.  Digital showers have increased in popularity in recent years so if you can stretch to one it would be a wise investment.


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Something More Traditional

If you live in a Georgian or Victorian home and have stuck to more traditional styling in the rest of the home continue the theme in the bathroom. Always choose a white suite but you could improve the space by adding a separate walk in shower and adding a bidet. Never place carpets in bathrooms and if you already have one you really must remove it and replace it with something more hygienic. Tiled floors are always practical just ensure they suit the theme and are slip proof.

Bright and Airy

Light in bathroom needs to be carefully considered. Some older homes have bathrooms without windows which can lead to problems with damp as well as the obvious downside of not being able to see in the mirror. Always paint the room in a bright colour, white if you can as buyers can easily change this when they move in. If you have no windows consider the costs of putting one in or at least add more lighting and mirrors to help give the feeling of space and light. Finally if you have damp then deal with it, air fresheners will not cover up that unpleasant smell.

Work on your bathroom first before you put your house on the market. If you are looking to sell up it’s important that it’s attractive, functional and doesn’t make alarm bells ring in the potential buyers.

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