Is a Short Sale Right For You?

In the economy we are facing there is a never ending rising number of home owners who are in severe debt and have to resolve in a short sale. If they do not they are taking a chance on foreclosure.  In a foreclosure the home owner cannot purchase a new home for 7 years.

In a short sale the home owner can purchase another home in in 90 days. Among the other benefits a short sale saves the home owners credit. The home owner is forgiven for the balance of the debt owed on the loan of the home. There are a few complicated slight things about a short sale that can make a home owner wonder if they need an attorney or short sales specialist.

A short sale can move very quickly. A short sale can go from start to finish in less than 90 days. When a home owner starts the short sale process the very first thing to do is to contact a short sales specialist. There are a lot of deadlines and an extremely long paper stream to get through a short sale. One missed document or missed deadline could jeopardize the entire short sale.

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A short sale is a complicated real estate transaction and needs to be handled by a short sales expert. They are decidedly qualified in their career and know the ins and outs of a short sale.  Sometimes having someone who knows what to do, when to do the right thing and how to do the job is all that it takes to win an achievement.

A short sales specialist will be there for the all-inclusive process of the sale. They are paid for by the lender not the home owners. If the home owners were to hire an attorney that debt would be there responsibility to pay.  The court rooms need attorneys. Closings of homes for real estate need a short sales specialist.  This is for the best interest of the home owner. There is even a chance that the short sales specialist may negotiate and get the home owners a cash refund at closing.  

There is nothing worse than a short sale failing because of self-attempt and the home going into foreclosure. There are some things in our lifetime that we do not need to attempt alone or with the wrong professional help. Use a short sale expert to make sure your short sale is handled expertly and professionally.

Frank K. wrote this article for Las Vegas Short Sale Experts Rothwell Gornt. Click Here to read their short sale blog.

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