House Hunting How-Dos

Whether you are looking at a home and land for sale, or an apartment in the inner suburbs of Sydney, there are always some  general basic house-hunting tips you should keep in mind while you are looking for “the One”. Read on for a few golden tips we’ve rounded up for the prudent home-buyer.


Check out the quality of the carport – The quality of the carport doesn’t seem to illicit the same amount of attention as with the rest of the house.  If the carport doesn’t have any cars in it when you look at it during inspection, double check the dimensions so you know that it will fit both your cars. The last thing you want after parting with a significant amount of money on your house is to spend even more on expanding or building a completely new car port.

Don’t afraid to use your hands – If you are serious about a property, do not be afraid to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the interiors. This might mean pulling up the rugs and inspecting the floor work (keep a look out for scratches on floorboards and any unsightly stains on the carpet) as well as checking the walls behind furniture.

Neighbour noise – When buying an apartment, ensure the walls and the roof adequately insulate from sound from the surrounding apartments. Keep an ear out for sounds while you carry out your inspection. You may also want to ask adjacent neighbours to put on their tv or radio to see if the sound carries through.

Additional costs – When looking at that North Shore apartment, it is so easy to fall head first for the tennis court and sparkling blue swimming pool. But remember, these amenities cost money to maintain. Make sure you are aware of strata costs such as the owners corporation’s administrative and sinking funds.

Professional reports and advice – If, after all your inspections, you still remain smitten with your property, the next step is to obtain building, drainage and pest reports. If you have engaged the services of a conveyancer or a lawyer to act on behalf of you, they should arrange these reports for you. Endeavour to tag along when these inspections are being conducted and ask questions regarding areas for improvement and any red-flag issues.

So, with a few handy hints and tips, house hunting should seem like a less daunting and impossible task!

Mark Barone is a single father of one and a Sydney IT expert for Macquarie Telecom, specialising in co-location.

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