Does The Ideal House Really Exist?

Many people may have an idea of what their own ideal house would look like but most of them will never get the chance to actually live in it. Or will they? A survey was conducted recently to establish what things would be important to people in the make-up of their perfect home and although it was carried out in the UK, some of the things that were highlighted are sure to resonate with other people all over the globe.

Previously, the best way to create the home of your dreams was to plan, design and build it yourself; making sure that you develop every detail in line with what is in your mind, but now maybe there’s another way. Using the results of the survey as a check-list, you can now gauge just how ideal your home is and use the information to search for your own ideal home. The study by Banner Homes takes into account the area in which you live, how you decorate your home and even how many pets you should have.

Location, Location, Location

Many of the things on the list were regarding the area in which the ideal house would be situated. We all know that location is key when choosing a new home but just what is it about where a house should be that makes it so ideal. According to the survey, a house should be five miles from the country side but still with good links to the nearest big city. It should also be only one mile away from a newsagents and two miles from a supermarket.

Perhaps one of the most quirky things on the list is that the ideal house should be around two miles from a pub where the land lord knows you by name. This is supposedly all to do with creating a community around you of which you can become a valuable member. Additionally, the perfect house should be ten miles from the beach and have off road parking.

A House With Green Fingers

There were a number of things on the list that specified that the outside of the house is as important as any other part. It seems that people’s ideal home should have lots of green fingered elements including a well maintained lawn and both a front and back garden.

Bizarrely, it seems that people would like their perfect home to have a tree in the garden and with good nature walks nearby – presumably to get away from those neighbour that are just too nice. Also in the garden should be a barbecue for those warm summer nights, a shed and a patio area.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

Obviously a big part of what makes a house ideal is how you decorate it on the inside and although peoples’ tastes will differ when it comes to colours and styles, some of the actual objects and features are apparently universal. There should be a large bed and an en-suite in the bedroom as well as a fireplace and a comfortable sofa in the living area.

In the kitchen should be a large fridge and a dishwasher and there should be a spare room and fitted wardrobes upstairs for extra space. In the technical world which we live in nowadays there were obviously some technology based stipulations as well. In an ideal world there should be two televisions that have cable TV and an internet connection that is superfast.

Sadly the survey doesn’t offer a solution to finding that ideal job in order to be able to afford the ideal home. Nor does it offer any help as to how you can instruct your family to keep your ideal home in an ideal state. However, if you are looking to move into your perfect home then you are going to want the perfect removal company to help you do that. There are bound to be many removal companies in London and other big cities around the country and so it important to find one that is right for you.

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