3 Hidden Aspects of Selling Your Home

Selling your home involves a number of tasks. After you’ve prepped your house for viewing, you’ll want to consider these three hidden aspects. They can easily be overlooked during the selling process.
Remove Emotions When Selling
Selling real estate is an emotional decision. It’s property you’ve owned, and possibly become emotionally attached to. You may or may not realize this attachment until it comes time to sell. This is especially true if you’re selling decision is based around selling the home fast.
Depersonalize the situation. It’s just property. It’s real estate that has a cash value you need. Your only goal now, is to see that a potential buyer pays you the highest amount possible for this asset. Think of the house as a marketable commodity. If you lived in the house for quite some time, you made the house your “home”. That’s different than the “house” you’re selling now.

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Real Property vs. Personal Property
When selling your house, you also need to think about what you’re actually selling. Is there any personal property involved that may be part of the sale? The general rule in real estate is,”if it’s attached to the structure or the ground, it’s real property, and sells with the house”.
This may seem confusing to people, especially if it’s their first house sale. It may be even more daunting, if the house is being sold quickly, due to some of the unexpected changes in life.
If there’s a personal item attached to the house, and you are planning on taking it with you after the sale, detach it from the interior or exterior of the structure. Do this before you list the house. This includes uprooting anything from the ground.
Examples of items that may come under consideration include chandeliers, and gas fireplace logs.
It’s wise to go through your house, and make a checklist in every room. Avoid unforeseen challenges when it’s time to finally sell.
Sell with Smart Landscaping
An often overlooked hidden aspect of selling your home, is how the landscaping looks. Some sellers focus on their house so much, they forget this portion of the sale. Of course, you don’t want to go out and buy expensive plants. You do want to make sure that your surroundings are in tip-top shape though. Is your lawn cut, well watered, and free of brown spots? Are there a few areas you could put fresh flowers? Mature flowers add a splash of color and vibrancy. This creates a favorable first impression.
Reflect on these aspects of selling, and you’ll be one step closer to finalizing the listing of your property for sale.

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