Preparing for the Seasonal Switch in Northern VA

Fall is the right time for homeowners to begin winter proofing. The cold weather brings new expenses. One way to combat the cost of heating homes is through basic upgrades. Replacement windows for northern Virginia residents will introduce homeowners to real savings as the temperature drops. This winter, think custom windows to lower monthly expenses.

It is all about Efficiency

Efficiency is a popular word these days. Consumers are looking for ways to save money, and help the environment at the same time. The less energy a home uses, the less pollution in the air. Through partnerships with Energy Star and The National Fenestration Rating Council, windows manufacturers are doing their part to increase efficiency. The design improvements make a replacement window worth the effort. The old windows are letting hot air out and cold in to cause drafts. The furnace must fight these temperature fluxes. The harder the HVAC system works, the more energy it expends. Inefficient homes will drive up energy bills year round.

Why Customize?

Gaps potentially exist anywhere two types of material join. When it comes to windows, the gaps are between the structure of the house and the window frame. Prefabricated windows increase the risk of gaps because the fit is not quite right. Even with weather proofing, gaps will eventually become an issue. Customizing eliminates this problem by creating the perfect marriage between the window and building.

Custom made windows save on the installation cost, as well. When homeowners buy off the shelf, the installer must charge more to make the window fit the space. With custom replacements, the hard part is done before installation.

Energy Savings

The bulk of any window is glass. Double and triple panes create a tight envelope around homes – the tighter the seal, the less air movement. Cold air coming in through the windows will lower the temperature in rooms.

Home Improvement

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Modern window design uses two different treatments to create energy-efficient windows. The hard coating goes on while the glass is still molten. This adds durability to the surface of the window. Hard glass is less likely to break.

The soft coat helps reflect the heat to keep it on the right side of the pane. In the winter, this means holding heat inside the structure. During the summer months, the hot air stays outside. The coatings do not change the way sun passes through glass. The room will still have the benefit of natural sunlight.

Custom replacement windows for Northern Virginia residents just make sense. This transitional time of the year is when every homeowner needs to assess the house. Saving money should be the goal as winter approaches.

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