Practical Tips On Organising Your Shed

Too many homeowners look upon their garden sheds as a place to store anything and everything that they don’t want lying around the house. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to end up putting too much pressure on your shed as a place for non-specific storage and before you know it you’ve got a shed that’s choc-a-bloc with stuff you don’t need and impossible to negotiate.

Your shed is meant for practical storage so use it wisely. A shed that’s perfectly well organised is a real asset because it greatly enhances the convenience and functionality of your home and it makes tasks around the garden much, much simpler.

So what can you do to organise your shed more effectively? Well, any project like this starts out with clearing the shed. You need to empty it and start with a blank slate. Emptying the shed also allows you to identify which items you can simply throw away – items that have been put in the shed simply to delay a decision on whether they need to be kept or not.

Then it’s wise to look at what’s left and split things up into categories. This will make it easier for you to make an inventory of what you have and to organise your shelves later on.

The next step is to look at the space in your shed. Identify where you could reasonably put a convenient shelf or stacking system to provide better storage for the space. Then, decide which spaces you need to leave open and empty to take larger items like garden furniture, lawnmowers and so on.


Next, take a look at the garden tools you have. Consider whether any of them would be better stored in a rack hanging on the wall of your shed. This is a good way to organise them neatly and save space. Put the rack near to the door to make all tools as accessible as possible.

A shoe rack is always a good addition to any shed because it’s a good place to store wellies and other shoes that are predominantly used when gardening or carrying out practical tasks outside. Once you’ve organised the layout of your shed in this way you can go about putting all of the things you need to store inside the structure away.

Do this methodically. Put the things you need most often in the most accessible places and the things you rarely use in less accessible places on your shelving unit. Also make a list of what you’re putting away on each shelf and stick this list to the shelving unit as an inventory to make it easier to find what you need.

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