Planning the decor of Your First Thanksgiving

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1) What are some tips on making the dinner decor successful?
2) Why consistency is important in dishes, decorations and food arrangement?
3) What should you do in helping your kids feel a part of the experience?
4) How to add some creativity in making and presenting the food?
5) What to wear in Thanksgiving dinner?

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all of the family is a great time to catch up with each other and enjoy delicious food. The way families set up their dinners, however, tends to have a lot more variation. For some families, the football game in the backyard is the most important event. For others, families pull out their fine china and silk tablecloths. If it is your first time hosting a family Thanksgiving, it may be unclear how to dress yourself and the table for the occasion. Here are some tips on making the dinner décor successful.

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1. Cater to Your Family

If your family rarely gets dressed up and feels more comfortable in a casual setting, feel free to stay in the comfort zone. Thanksgiving is meant to be enjoyed. As the host or hostess for the occasion, you may want to go for your nicest pair of jeans and a stylish blouse. On the other hand, if your family enjoys dressing up and having more extravagant specials occasions, a party dress or shirt and tie in fall colors may do the trick. If you do decide to go with formal, be sure everyone is informed, so no one ends up standing around uncomfortably in shorts and a t-shirt.

2. Be Consistent

Paper plates hardly go with a white tablecloth and candles, but they do go perfectly with a buffet and people scattered on couches around the living room. Whether you decide to go with formal, casual or something in between, be sure the dishes, decorations and food arrangement you use are consistent. This looks nicer but also tends to be more functional.

3. Add Some Creativity

Since Thanksgiving is largely centered on the food, add some creativity to how you make and present the food. A vegetable tray in the shape of a turkey or pilgrim is simple to make and gets your guest’s attention, including the kids. Adding strips of paper in the rolls that list off things your family is thankful for is a great way to increase the spirit of gratitude. Instead of a traditional centerpiece, try using branches or leaves with fall colors or even fall produce.

4. Don’t Forget the Kids

Help your kids feel a part of the experience by helping them pick out an appropriate outfit and assigning them small tasks to help with the preparation. You could even consider having them make the decorations for a more sentimental centerpiece.

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