Why Including Your Pet In Your Holiday Activities Makes For A Happier Holiday

Holidays are all about family. The parties, gift-giving, and traditional holiday routines are all about spending quality time with loved ones. As you’re planning your holiday activities this year, make sure you don’t forget the other important member of your family: your pet.

Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, or ferret, the holidays are about including everyone in the holiday cheer. Many people put up stockings for their dogs or buy stuffed mice for their cats. It’s not at all uncommon to find gifts for the family pet under the tree. But have you ever considered including your pet in ALL of your holiday activities?

Give a Boost to Holiday Morale

Countless studies have shown that pets help make people happier. Dogs and cats especially can significantly raise the morale of their owners. If pets can have such a positive impact on everyday life, imagine the impact they could have on the holidays. Including your pets in your holiday activities will give everyone a boost in morale and inspire lots of smiles and laughs.

Include the Whole Family

When you get a pet, they become part of your family. Pets aren’t just another trinket to add to your home. They form a special bond with everyone, and they play an integral part in day-to-day routines. You include your pet in many things you do, and you certainly always have to consider your pet when making any plans, such as going on vacation or even just staying out late. Why not consider your pet in your holiday plans, too? And instead of just planning how you’ll be able to have fun and have time to let the dog out, figure out a way that the entire family can be involved. Knowing that you’re not leaving anyone behind – not even your pet – will make it an even more special holiday.


Ideas for Including Your Pet

If you want to include your pet in your holiday activities, but aren’t sure how, consider some of these suggestions. If you’re attending a holiday party at a friend or family member’s house, ask the host if it’s okay to bring your pet along. A friendly pet at a party can always make the attendees happy to see them. If you’re going on a vacation, go to a pet-friendly hotel, and bring your pet along with you; they’ll get to spend the holidays with the people they love, not at a kennel or home alone, which will make everyone happier.

You can also consider doing something special with your pet or creating a new family tradition. For example, every year you might take your dog for a walk at night through an area with lots of holiday lights and decorations. At the very least, you can always decorate their tank or bed, and get them their favorite treat. Just knowing that you were more thoughtful of pets in your family will make the holiday a little happier for everyone involved.

Jacob Smith is a freelance writer who loves spending time with his family.  He has recently been writing about fun holiday activities for the whole family.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sailorbill/238836450/

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