Waterproof Dog Coats: Necessity, Not A Fashion Statement

The accessories that a dog really needs are those which protect it from the year-round inclement weather we have to endure in this country. Traditional dog coats have been around for a long time, and are an essential item for the following reasons.

 Health benefits

Waterproof dog coats will help to prevent your dog getting a chill due to being out in the rain, and cold weather. When your dog gets wet, particularly if it is a long-haired variety, although its coat will have some water-repelling qualities it will still take a long time to dry. This makes the dog susceptible to colds and chills, as a strain is put on its immune system.   

Imagine how much happier and more comfortable your dog will feel if it is snug and warm inside a fleecy-lined waterproof coat. This is especially so for older dogs who may have joint problems. Waterproof dog coats can indirectly lessen the cost of owning a dog by significantly reducing the number of trips to the vet. 

Fashion-conscious owners

For those fashion-conscious dog owners who want their pet to be equally fashionable, there are hundreds of different designs of coat for your dog. Most traditional designs will fasten with Velcro around the dog’s body and are fully adjustable, making fitting quick and easy.   

One of the most practical types of waterproof coat has a detachable fleece lining inside the waterproof outer. This enables the coat to be used all year round as when the fleece is taken out, the outer layer becomes a lightweight summer raincoat. Some waterproof coats also have the benefit of a thermal lining which would be perfect for short-haired dogs, or for when the weather is particularly cold.    


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anniemole/74047608/

Practicality for you

If your dog likes to splash through muddy puddles on your walks, one of the main requirements when buying a dog coat will be the ability to machine wash it regularly without it losing shape.  

You will not need to worry as much about your dog bringing moisture into the house if he is wearing a coat, and your carpets and furniture will remain relatively dry and odour-free. Keeping the house clean and smelling fresh can be a big problem when a dog is soaking wet, as the urge for him to shake the water off usually occurs when back at home. By using waterproof dog coats, you will reduce the amount of time needed to clean up after him following your walk. 

Buying a waterproof coat for your dog will have many benefits, keeping him warm and healthy and also in practical terms for you. He may not like the feel of the coat at first, but will soon appreciate the warmth and comfort on cold, wet days.

This article was written by David Hamer, who is an online author, and has written many articles on the subject of pets.

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