The Threat of Rabies Virus

Rabies is a very deadly disease carried by animals. True to the Latin meaning of its name, it brings “madness” to the victim before succumbing to its complications. Rabies can easily be prevented though if the victim receives the appropriate medical treatment at the hospital. However, if the disease is not diagnosed early and the victim wasn’t able to get the necessary medical attention, the complications from rabies could easily worsen until it’s too late for medicine to help him.

Transmission of Rabies Virus

The rabies virus is carried by infected warm-blooded animals, and it is transmitted through animal bites. The virus travels from the infected animal’s saliva and then enters the blood stream through the wound.

Incubation Period

The incubation period of the rabies virus varies from person to person. Some signs and symptoms develop after a few weeks. However, there are also those who exhibit symptoms many years after he was first bitten by an infected animal. The duration of the incubation period depends upon a variety of factors – the location of the bite, the severity of the wound, and the amount of rabies virus that was introduced into the body. This also depends upon the inoculating wound, and how mild or severe it was.

Signs and Symptoms of Rabies

The first symptoms of rabies infection include flu-like symptoms. The victim will start having fevers and chills along with total body ache and malaise. There will also be nausea, dry cough, and decreased appetite.

In addition to these, the victim will also start feeling neurological symptoms, particularly since the virus attacks the central nervous system. There will be weakness and paralysis of the body and feelings of confusion as well as agitation. There will also be changes in behavior such as paranoia and hallucinations, and there will also be delirium.

When the disease worsens, the victim will start fearing water, which is known as hydrophobia. He won’t be able to tolerate drinking water, and he will even fear and avoid the sight of water. This fear of water is mainly due to difficulty and trouble swallowing, so when presented with water, the victim starts panicking at the thought of hurting himself. This is because the throat muscles start to spasm painfully when they try to swallow, so they’ll refuse any type of liquid, even to the point of being afraid and agitated when they see water.

Once these neurological symptoms appear, it will be too late to save the patient. More often than not, victims of rabies die and survival is very rare.

Preventing Rabies

The most important way of managing rabies is to see to it that your pets are vaccinated against the virus. You should also see to it that your home is rodent-free. If there are rodents in your home, especially if you live in the city, then you need to get rid of them quickly. You can eliminate them through organic and natural ways, but if the problem is too big for such methods, then a professional pest control company is what you’re going to need.

Remember, no one is safe from rabies virus, but your best defense against it is to vaccinate your pets and see to it that your home is rodent-free.


Jennifer Daleo is a freelance content provider who writes for several pest control companies such asĀ Rove Pest Control. She writes about pests, the diseases they carry, and how you can eliminate them.

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