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One of the easiest pets you can own is a rabbit. When I was a child, I had a little white dwarf rabbit called Wilma, who had red eyes. I think she was an albino. She was an adorable little thing, even though she would tend to bite me when she was fed up (don’t we all?)

My kids have been badgering me for a small pet for ages, and I think I’m about to give in. And if I do, it will have to be a rabbit.

Here are some facts about rabbits that you may not know – they are fascinating little things!

What exactly are they?

You may like to think of rabbits as some kind of rodent, but you’d be wrong. In fact, they come under the grouping of lagomorphs.

The difference is that lagomorphs have four incisors in the upper jaw, while a rodent has only two.   Lagomorphs also are strictly herbivorous – but rodents tend to eat both vegetation and meat.

Both rodents and lagomorphs however have teeth that grow all through their lives, which means they need to constantly chew so that the teeth don’t grow too long.

Get your facts straight!

There is lots of terminology connected with rabbits! The male, as you may know, is called a buck the female is called a doe, and the baby is called a kit.

A group of rabbits is called a herd, and collectively, rabbits live in a warren. However, a domesticated rabbit cannot breed with a wild rabbit, so that’s good, as these animals can breed prolifically, and can do so from the age of 3 months, with a gestation period of just 31 days!

Which kind to get?

If you are looking for rabbit hutches for your new pet, do bear in mind that there are over 45 different species available and adult rabbits can weigh between 2lb and 20lb depending on their breed!  The Rabbit Breeders Association is a good place to hunt down the ideal breed for you.

If you prefer to have a house rabbit, as I am thinking of doing, it might be useful to know that bunnies can be litter trained! However, they do have a life span of up to 10 years, so be prepared for the long haul!

Rabbits love to run but when they do that little flippy thing they do, that jump and twist, is called a binky and is only performed if the rabbit is happy. They can actually jump to a height of 36” and all that exercise enables them to drink as much water as a large dog if thirsty!

They love carrots!

A rabbit can of course dig up your veggies if you’re not careful, but bear in mind that their droppings make a brilliant instant fertiliser for the veg patch.  Weirdly, they do eat their own droppings.

If you’re thinking of getting one, then go for it. They are low maintenance, lots of fun and now you know all there is to know!

Please let me know if you have a pet rabbit – what breed do you recommend?

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Louise Blake is an excited first time mum to be, and spends most of her free time nesting and getting the nursery ready! She works as a design account manager and loves all aspects of architecture and home design. She’s a huge animal lover, and when not out taking her dog for nice long walks, she blogs occasionally for Supapet Ltd.

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