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Single girls have a bit of a reputation when it comes to their relationships with cats. It is a bit of a cliché now, that single girls have cats to replace men in their lives – and single older women will end up lonely spinsters on a hill, surrounded by the furry pets.

But a girl likes a silent companion, someone to curl up with in the evenings, a warm body on the bed (not in it) and the fact that the cat is so independent means she can go still go about her own life without the constant attention that pets such as a dog or a horse need. Purrrrfect!

Now, I’ve got a husband and he and my doggies luckily tend to be very low maintenance, so I was horrified the other day whilst having a chat to one of my girlfriends about the lengths she would go to, to provide cat treats for her moggies.  In fact, I was so amazed; I had to share them with you.

You may be a cat lover, but would you really do these things for your cat?

Choose their own bed

One of my friends Katie openly admitted to letting her cat sleep in her drawers and airing cupboard, where it is all warm and snuggly. Now, the cat already has a bed with blankets on it (and probably a hot water bottle, knowing Kate) but the animal prefers the smell and feel of the clothes and towels so she allows this behaviour!

To avoid the dreaded hair over everything, Katie even opens the drawers and lines them with old towels before she goes out, knowing that the cat will enjoy a little nap in there later – mad or what?!

However, this is the same person who also admits to performing kitty yoga on her cats. She already performs massages on them, which she believes is a bonding experience with the cat, a sort of therapy (I wonder sometimes if it’s therapy for the cat, or for her?) but yoga was a new one on me.

Apparently, when her cat is lying down, she can stretch the back leg to the front leg, and hold it for 10 seconds or so, and the cat is reported to enjoy this. If someone has got hold of your leg and put it behind your ear, I’m sure you’d keep lying still too

In the kitchen

Feeding the cat is another realm of over-attentiveness for another friend of mine, Sadie. She wouldn’t dream of giving kitty the tap water, oh no – her cat gets bottled mineral water to keep it in peak condition!   Sadie also swears by adding a teaspoon of oil (can be sunflower, peanut or corn oil) to the cat’s main meal to ward off medical conditions.

To make sure the teeth are healthy, the lucky cat gets raw tuna to chew on, which I can’t even afford to buy myself. I’d be lucky to get the tinned stuff!

Moggie music

Hazel, another single girl about town, with a big ginger moggie, is a bit like a cat whisperer. She has actually worked out what kind of the music her cat likes to listen to (I’m not sure how she has established this – I don’t think I want to know, but it must have taken hours of practise), and she actually leaves that music playing for the cat when she goes out!

For the ultimate in spoilt kitties, Hazel also admits to putting damp towels into the tumble dryer for fifteen minutes for the express purpose of putting a hot “blankie” over the cats shoulders, which she claims helps the cat to sleep.

If that’s not taking things too far, I don’t know what it is.  How far would you go to spoil your cat? If you can beat any of these you should be ashamed of yourself!

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