Simple and Effective Steps to Follow on How to Take Care of Your Aquarium

An aquarium in your space is refreshing. It adds beauty to your surroundings, too. If you have an aquarium or are contemplating on having one, here are a few simple tips on how to take care of your aquarium.

Daily Maintenance

Fishes are low maintenance pets, they require low maintenance methods. You can do these simple tasks in a short time.

The basic task you have to do is to offer them with just the right amount of feed. Overfeeding is a no-no for fishes.

A daily maintenance inspection requires you to check the temperature of water, as it fluctuates every now and then. File your findings in a chart. See the quality of the water. Notice its color and odor. Look for any objects floating on the water.

See to it the heater, lights, and filters are working properly. Keep track of weird sounds, dim light, and unusual functioning of the filter.

Watch the behavior of your fishes. Look at the way they swim and their skin. Ensure that they have a normal behavior.

Weekly Maintenance

Over the weekend, you are free to bond with your fishes, so take time to look at the overall maintenance of your aquarium.

Live plants inside your aquarium add a natural flair. Like your regular house plants, they need to be regularly trimmed. Dead leaves must be carefully cut off from the plant.

Look for algae formations in the glass and other decorations as well. Use an algae scraper or magnet to clear them.

Clean the outside of the aquarium glass. Get a piece of clean cloth. Spray glass or window cleaning agent, away from the tank. Concentrate on the front as well as the side areas.


Aquarium Water

There are no particular rules to follow as to the frequency on changing your aquarium water. Some aquariums may require a bi-monthly replacement and others, a weekly one. Regardless of it, this is how you do it.

Treat clean water from the faucet with chloramines and set aside. This is your replacement water.

Place a stiff plastic inside your jar to act as a barrier between the fish and the area you are planning to clean. You do not want your fish to get sucked up during the process, but of course. Moreover, while the siphon is running, you are able to knock its tip lower into its gravel. This way, you can handily eliminate any form of debris.

Using a nearby pail, siphon around 15% of the water in the tank into your bucket. As soon as you are finished, replace it with the chlorine water.

Remember these simple maintenance tips to avoid bigger aquarium concerns. This is your key to preventing troubles even before it happens.

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