Should You Breed Your Dog

When you own the most beautiful dog in the world, as we all do, it’s tempting to let her have a litter so you can have another just like her. However, this might not be the best idea.

The Primary Purpose of Breeding

The aim of breeding dogs is to produce puppies that are healthier and more typical of the breed standard than their parents are. This means that if you want to breed your dog, then you need to know a lot about how she compares to the ideal for her breed. Be realistic about the areas in which she could be improved, and look for a stud dog that compliments her nicely. If you are uncertain, ask more experienced breeders for advice.


Genetic Testing

The next step is to have genetic testing done on your dog to make sure they are not going to pass on any hereditary diseases to their puppies. The tests that may be necessary include x-rays for hip dysplasia, eye exams for retinal disease and blood tests for bleeding disorders. The tests will vary from breed to breed, and your breed club or association can help you with that.

When it comes time for her to give birth, have a few dollars saved up just in case things do not go smoothly. There is always the chance that she will need a c-section to deliver her pups, and this can be expensive.

Another worst-case scenario is that she does not like the maternal lifestyle and will not look after her pups. This means that you will need to bottle-feed them, every three hours around the clock. This can play havoc with your work and social life.

New Puppy Health

You will also need to budget for veterinary care for the pups, including worming, vaccinations and flea control before they go to their new families at 8 weeks of age. As a breeder, you are the person responsible for bringing those pups into the world and as such, you should be prepared to take them back if at any time their new owners can no longer keep them.

If you do not have a purebred dog, then the reasons for breeding are few. Having a litter will not make her a better dog, and it is not always easy to find good homes for little mixed breed puppies. You will still have the potential expenses and challenges of a caesarian delivery and hand raising pups. Because your dog is a mixed breed with a random selection of genes, there is also no guarantee that your puppies will be anything like their mom.

Some people like to produce a litter of puppies so their children can witness the miracle of birth. Even this is not a good reason to breed your dog these days. You can watch videos of dogs giving birth on YouTube, without the expense and workload that comes with raising a litter of your own.

In a nutshell, unless there is a very good reason for breeding your dog, do not. There are thousands of puppies and dogs in shelters all around the country that need a forever home. If you do want another four-legged family member, you are sure to find a rescue pup to suit your family.

Apart from being a veterinarian, Susan Wright is a freelance writer. Find helpful advice on being a caring pet owner and good neighbor on this website.

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