Savour Memories with A Portrait of your Pretty Pet

A portrait of those people or animals you care most about is ideal for decorating your home, for passing onto the next generation of family or just to show how proud you are of them in the home or at the office. A favourite photograph can be transformed into a painted portrait or a custom made item.


How to Choose Studio Photography or a Painting?

Nowadays there are many photographers’ studios wishing to take photos of your family or pets to turn them into a portrait and capture a special moments. A quality hand crafted product by a quality photographer and studio is ideal to give as a gift to other family members. They are great for commemorating a special family event, like a 60th birthday, special wedding anniversary or birthday. Often these photography studios supply their own frames, sometimes handmade. Some studios are established in national destinations and worldwide and are guaranteed to sell a quality service.

Paintings of your loved one, a favourite photo or a favourite pet can breathe new life into your image and give a unique twist on a loved one. Paintings can be commissioned online for talented artists to create a portrait at a reasonable price. The internet has really revolutionised this industry as customers no longer have to go to expensive galleries and pay a middle man. Many talented artists have started running their own business online, doing what they love.

Remember that a painting can vary greatly in appearance according to what medium is used, whether it is a pastel painting, watercolour, or done in oils. Some artists use more artistic license in their work and more personal style, while others will be more interested in capturing accuracy. Make sure you know the artist’s style before entering into an agreement, perhaps by viewing their gallery online or by seeing their work in person.

Other Ideas to Remember Special Times

There are many options to make an opportunity of your photos by turning your custom images into a canvas, pillow or iPhone cases. There are even opportunities to turn photos into memorial candles, screen printings on T-shirts and mugs and mouse mats. These services can be performed online or by special companies at special branches on the high street.

Choosing which image you want to use is of course necessary if you want to create a custom image product. Choose a photo with lots of bright colours and one that has good perspectives. This will make all the difference in producing an attractive image.

For a gallery of beautiful pet portraits go online to see how your pet can be transformed into a much loved image.

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