Recommended Pets for your Teenagers

Your teen asks you if he can have his own pet. You are a bit doubtful because you think he’s not responsible enough. Well, here’s the thing. How will you know if you won’t try? I have listed below some of the most recommended pets for your teens. At least with the list below, you can easily determine what pets are perfect for your child.

Dog. Yes, you can give your teen his own dog. Of course, start with the toy dogs. Save the guard dogs later in life. You have to remember that guard dogs can get pretty wild. There are a lot of instances that dog owners got hurt because of their pets. You should never allow that to happen to your teens. You can get your child a beagle. Beagles are innately playful. I’m sure that your teen will be very fond of taking care of it. Or maybe, you can get a poodle for your daughter. Without a doubt, she’ll be having fun dressing up her new found friend.


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Rabbit. Rabbits are a good pet for teens. If you have a toddler, I wouldn’t recommend this. Obviously, teens are more responsible than kids. I believe that they can handle rabbits well. Just so you know, rabbits are not good pets to kids. They can leave your kids with painful scratches. In fact, they don’t like noises. Since teens can be more tamed, they are more likely to handle rabbits better. But this animal isn’t boring. They want to be cuddled and to be played too. However, you need to be more careful in doing so. They can be pretty sensitive.

Cats. Who won’t fall in love with furry cats? They are just so sexy. However, I would not encourage you to get cats for your kids. If you have teens, then that’s fine. Cats needed to be trained, they needed to be fed regularly. With that being said, cats need an owner who’s willing to take that responsibility. That’s good for your teens. That way, you are indirectly teaching them how to become responsible for other people, or creatures for that matter.

Before you give them their own pets, you have to see if they are really interested. You can ask them to go with you in zoos. From there, you can see if they love animals or if they are ready to have their own.

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Kim Bookman is a mother of 2 boys. As an animal lover, she wants to share her knowledge to her kids. Now, she allows them to have their own pets. Before she gave them pets, she made sure that they are ready for it.

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