Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Kitten

Kittens are irresistible to those of us who love cats. They’re like grown-up cats but more playful, with enormous eyes and ears and curiosity that knows no bounds. Cats and kittens are generally perceived as more independent and often aloof compared to their canine counterparts, but for those of us who speak ‘cat’ we know that they have amazing personalities and are just choosy about when they want to be fussed.

Kittens are happy to play with pretty much anyone who wiggles a string with some newspaper tied to the end towards them, but also need plenty of sleep and quiet times too. A tiny bundle curled up on your knee is lovely, and when that bundle grows bigger and takes up more room, it’s an even better feeling because cats don’t bestow that honour on just anyone!

If you are thinking of getting a kitten, you might look out for signs advertising kittens for sale, or you might visit a pet shop to choose one. If you have ever heard of the economic concept of ‘supply and demand’ you’ll understand why there is a real body of evidence and opinion that buying kittens ultimately leads to more kittens being bred. More kittens being bred and/or fewer cats being spayed or neutered ultimately means more strays and abandoned cats and kittens.

Put simply, if you buy a kitten rather than adopt one, more kittens will be bred to take the place of the one that you have bought. Meanwhile, more and more kittens and cats go on being abandoned or taken to animal charities for re-homing.

If you decide to adopt a kitten, you will normally have to pay a small adoption fee, but your kitten will have been spayed or neutered, checked for general good health and given its vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. This will save you a lot of money initially but remember that you will have to pay for these things (except for the neutering/spaying) for the rest of your kitten’s life.

The one downside to adopting a kitten rather than buying one is that you have to choose one of many abandoned animals from the shelter knowing that many animal charities and shelters have no space or money to keep the others forever and so have to euthanize them after a set period. Choosing one and rejecting the others can be very difficult and emotional. But you are at least sparing one life whereas buying kittens for sale would not save any.

This is a guest post by Claire Sim a new Londoner, travel passionate and animal lover. She blogs about Pets and Travelling in Europe. If you want Claire to write you specific content, you can find email her here or contact her on Twitter (Claire_Sim).

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