Older Dogs Depression When a New Dog Comes Home

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1) How to deal with older dogs depression?
2) Why dogs are very territorial when it comes to other dogs?
3) How to create old dog training?
4) Why should you not allow the new dog to get away with any destructive actions?
5) What are the difference between a younger dog and older dog?

Dogs are very territorial when it comes to other dogs coming into their home; male dogs are prone to be very aggressive, jealous and even depressed when a new dog is introduced into the family. The female is usually not as aggressive, unless the new dog happens to be a female as well.

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Bringing Home the New Dog

When bringing a new dog into the family, you should always make all the rules of the home apply to both dogs. The newest member of the family should be taught the humans in the home are the pack leaders; the older dog should have their place in the hierarchy as well, leaving the new dog in last place.

Create “Old Dog Habits”

Older dogs can prove to be a great help while training the newest member of the family for instance, when the older dog needs to go outdoors the new dog can go with them, making housing breaking the new dog, a lot easier. When the dogs come back into the house you can give them both a small treat or a hug and good dog. Too many treats can eventually cause your dogs to become overweight; just a little praise goes a long way as well.   Older dogs also tend to keep the new dog from breaking house rules, while taking the dogs out for daily exercise; the younger dog will usually follow along in the older dog’s footsteps. Never let the new dog off their leash unless they are in a fenced and safe area. When a dog is young, they do not know they shouldn’t jump on other humans or chase after other animals, until they have been trained.

New Dog Training

Do not allow the new dog to get away with any destructive actions, or aggression just because they are new or they are a cute pup, training should start from the time you step in the door. It may be wise to seek out a trainer, which is qualified in training the dogs how to interact together, maybe the whole family could profit from some training with your pets. The older dog should already have their designated area for their bed and toys which belongs to them, the new dog also needs their own space and toys as well, this will help to alleviate any depression with the older dog or future problems.

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