Let your Dog Sleep in Peace with Orthopedic Dog Beds

This post answers the following questions

1) Where should your dog sleep in peace?
2) How to choose the right orthopedic dog beds?
3) What are the smaller versions of nesters are good for large dogs?
4) Why do you need to buy orthopedic dog beds?
5) What are the most popular styles available?

Sometimes we forget that dogs have aches and pains just as we do. Just as you want to ensure that your dog has the proper dog food for his health, the right support when he lays down is also important and can prevent long term problems down the road. Additionally, if you’re tired of pushing your dog off your bed or telling him to get down from the couch, provide him with a bed of his own where he can retreat to when he wants a rest instead.

Prevent Ailments

When you provide the proper support for your dog, you can often prevent ailments later on including Intervertebral Disc Disease, hip dysplasia, Osteochondrosis Dessicans arthritis, elbow conditions and other skeletal problems. Orthopedic dog beds are crucial when your dog begins to experience age related problems, as well as after surgery or when recovering from an injury.

Choosing the Right One

With all the orthopedic dog beds on the market, how do you choose the best product for your pet? These beds focus specifically on providing support for your dog’s skeletal system. Be sure to get the proper guidance and order from a reputable company known for producing quality beds.

In general, the bed you decide to buy should be made from medical grade foam and/or have a box spring construction for it to offer the necessary orthopedic support. There are a number of styles to choose from and the one you select depends on your dog’s temperament and personality along with their specific needs. Most styles of dog beds have versions that meet the criteria for being considered an orthopedic bed. Among the most popular styles available are

• Bolsters-These smaller versions of nesters are good for large dogs as well as puppies who love to sleep with their head supported and want to feel cuddled.

• Mats and Pads- These are great for all types of dogs and can be used practically anywhere. Orthopedic versions are extra thick to provide the necessary support. Some can also be washed or come with water-proof covers that can easily be wiped off.

• Nesters-Often these come with high walls and/or pillow balls your dog can sink into. Orthopedic versions are made with firmer bottoms, often in memory foam which distributes your pets weight evenly, relieving pressure on any on area.

• Standard Versions-These beds are essentially various sized and shaped mattresses and many come with orthopedic support.

Orthopedic dog beds are great for dogs of all sizes and ages. They provide your dog with a comforting place off their own while also supplying support to prevent or decrease symptoms of various skeletal related problems. You take great care in selecting your own bed– Doesn’t your dog deserve the same care when you select his?

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