How to Support Your Local No-Kill Shelter

In recent years animal rights have become more and more main stream. People are becoming very concerned and standing up for the lovable pets that have been around for ages since they cannot speak up for themselves. People are beginning to understand how important it is to give animals a second chance at a good and normal life and focusing on spreading the news about adoption of pets through animal shelters. Through the push of shelters it has become more well-known that there are two different types of shelters, those that kill and those that are considered no-kill shelters.   The main difference between these two shelters is that the no-kill shelters do everything within their power to recuperate and replace animals; while other animal shelters will reduce their inventory of pets by euthanizing those that have been there the longest. No-kill animal shelters typically have a ninety-percent success rate in saving and adopting out all the animals brought to them. They only euthanize animals as a last resort and are typically animals that are serious sick or those that cannot be rehabilitated. That is why there has been such a push to come together and support these shelters that truly have the animal’s best interest at heart. Below are our suggestions as to how you can best support animals’ rights and your local no-kill animal shelter.


1. Adopt There is no greater support to an animal shelter than adopting your pets from a no-kill animal shelter. You are not only giving the animal you adopt a wonderful life with a family that will love, care and protect them; you are also allowing the shelter a chance to continue to support and care for other animals that need a safe environment until their forever home is found.

2. Volunteer Shelters, especially no-kill shelters depend greatly on the services of volunteers. Volunteer services can range from spending time with the animals and helping them to stay socialized with people, to working as a foster home for their animal if room has run out of the shelter, and even as someone that can promote adoption to incoming visitors. You could volunteer regularly or periodically – there is always something that needs to be done!

3. Donate No kill shelters not only rely heavily on volunteers, they also rely on donations. It is understood that animal shelters are not in business to make money; rather they are there to make a difference and can use all the help they can get. They are always looking for supplies to help meet their needs in caring for animals; so gather items yourself or put a group together to make a larger contribution. While it may be best to contact your local no-kill shelter and see what they really need, typically these are items that they can always use: newspapers, puppy pads, canned food, large bath towels, laundry detergent, bleach, paper towels, hand sanitizer, pet toys, leashes and collars, and pet shampoo, to name a few.

4. Spread the News Another great way to support your local no-kill animal shelter is to spread the news about what they are doing, what they need, and most importantly the lovable animals that are there that need homes. This has never been easier with the power of social media. Inform your contacts weekly about the wonderful animals in the shelter; often times there are even images to make this more powerful! You never know who is in the market for a pet or if your message will speak volumes to someone and result in them adopting an animal!

Apart from being a veterinarian, Susan Wright is a freelance writer. With the election year upon us, Susan thought readers would enjoy learning more about Presidential dogs

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