How Animals Improve Your Life

I happen to currently own quite a few cats, but have had all sorts of animals over my lifetime. They have been an important part of my life and I want to tell you how they have improved my life.

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All About Love

I think animals teach us all about love. They expect so little from us and give so much in return. The one thing they want is to be loved. It’s that simple. When you love them, they know it and return that love. I think it shows us how important just loving freely is. It has made me realize that when it gets right down to the nitty gritty, love is the most important thing we can share with anyone.

They Keep Us Healthy

It has been proven that petting an animal can lower blood pressure. Animals can also reduce stress, make us happier, give us exercise and generally improve our outlook. These are all things that will make you healthier. My cats have helped me through some rough times. They are extremely sensitive to our emotions and will be by your side when you are upset. They may not be able to talk, but they give us unconditional support and that is worth a lot. My cats have been there for me when I was in deep grief and they helped me to move through it. All of these things have made me healthier.

A Reason to Get Up in the Morning

Most of us have had periods of depression. A death in the family, losing a job, a breakup or divorce, or any number of other circumstances that have left us sad and hopeless. When I have been hit with these situations, I could easily have hidden under the covers in my bed and never gotten out. The one thing that kept me going was having to take care of my pets. I had to get up and feed them, give them attention and see to their needs. They have literally given me a reason to get up in the morning, when I might otherwise not have. They are the best form of therapy around.

Pure Joy

The joy that a pet gives you is pure heaven. I can’t think of anything that has brought as much to my life, besides my family (which, of course, includes them), as the many pets I’ve had over the years. They truly do improve the quality of your life. When one of my cats curls up in my lap and purrs, I’m at peace with the world.

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