Halloween Costumes for Dogs- Right or Wrong?

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Halloween is one of those festive occasions where anything goes when it comes to dressing up. From risqué animal outfits to freaky zombie make-up, we love transforming ourselves into curious characters for the night. Even those that are vehemently anti-fancy dress seem to relax at this time of year, digging out their devil horn headbands to join in the fun.

Of course when it comes to dressing up our pets, we don’t really know their thoughts on the merits of dressing up as a sexy witch or zombie cowboy since they can’t speak. In countries where Halloween is a big deal, such as the US, pet pooches (and even pet cats) are paraded up and down the street in all kinds of crazy costumes, from super heroes to jack-o’-lanterns.

So should we be using this holiday to dress them up, or let them do their own thing?


If everyone else in the family is dressing up for the day or taking part in a local parade or event, it makes sense that you’d want to get Fido involved too. After all, he is a valid and much-loved member of the family, so it’s only right that he adds the missing puzzle piece to your troupe of dressed up Disney characters.

Another reason why dressing dogs up for Halloween might be a good thing is that it’s a great way to protect your children, without scaring other kids. Letting your little ones take their dog along trick-or-treating can act as protection, but as some small children are afraid of dogs, dressing up your pooch makes them look friendlier in appearance.


While some pets can be quite placid and relaxed about whatever crazy costume you try to put them in, others simply won’t be interested. Trying to squeeze them into costumes or dress them in synthetic fabrics can cause distress to dogs and particularly cats, who like their independence.

On that note, dressing up a cat or animal that spends a large portion of the day outside on their own could be dangerous. If they get caught up in their costume or try to chew their way out of it, they could choke on small parts or accidentally strangle themselves.

The Solution?

You and your pets can join in the festive Halloween fun without full body costumes.

Wrap some cheerful decorations around their lead or collar – being careful not to use products that might irritate their skin – after all that money you spent on cat flea treatment for Mr Snuggles, you don’t want a piece of tinsel undoing all your hard work.

Equally, if your pup is known to chew everything they come into contact with, going for simple decorations or costumes means you won’t be out of pocket when they rip it to shreds within minutes of wearing it.

You could also decorate your pet’s bedding area, or simply share the festive love with some Halloween based dog or cat treats.

Will you be dressing up your dog this Halloween? And do you think dressing up pets is right or wrong? Let me know in the comments.

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Louise Blake is a new mum and aspiring writer. She loves animals and blogs for Petmeds in her spare time. She’s not convinced her pup would appreciate a Halloween costume, but he does love wearing his doggy jacket in the winter.

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