Caring For Your Pet’s Fur In A New Way

As unbelievable as it may seem to many of us who believe it is bordering on animal cruelty, there are many pet owners who have taken the style of their pet to the next level by dyeing their fur a different colour, and for many this has meant going for something hugely bright and very eye-catching.

Blue Budgie Or Green Gorilla?

You might think that it’s absolutely crazy that anyone would contemplate dyeing the hair of their cat or dog, but there are many people out there who do just that. While there are the pet owners who treat their companion like just another member of the family, dressing them up in diffePet Hair Dyerent outfits and letting them have the run of the house, many are taking it a step further by trying to make their pet just as fashionable as they are with different hair colours.

While those who expose their pet to this process claim that, if done properly, it is nowhere near animal cruelty, there are those people who say that if you want a purple pooch or a bright blue bunny, you should go out and get a stuffed animal. Needless to say this debate is sure to rage on amongst pet owners for as long as there are brands producing animal hair dye.

Crazy Colour For Your Dog Is A Possibility

While there are so many different types of hair colour for your own hair, finding a pink hair shade for a dog or a purple hair dye for your cat is a different kettle of fish altogether, since you need to find a dye which is not going to harm the animal. Chemicals in human hair dye will cause severe chemical burns to most animals and should be avoided at all costs, because if you apply these to their skin you most certainly WILL be accused of animal cruelty, and quite rightly so.

Even the safest human hair dye brands which claim to be vegan and free from the chemical PPD are not to be used on any of your pets. Now we’ve got that clear, you can start looking around for some dog or cat hair dye gel. You’ll need to apply the dye to your pet and let it set for the recommended amount of time, which is easier said than done with an animal which is always raring to go.

If you do decide to go down the route of dyeing your pet’s hair, prepare yourself for a lot of stares and whispers behind your back, especially if it’s your dog you’ve applied a different colour to. While some people understand of the reasons behind changing the hair colour of your pet, many others will think that you are not fit to own the animal, especially if you have given it a wildly bright colour.

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Laura Watson loves all types of alternative fashion, but as yet hasn’t decided to style her pet pooch in the same way!

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