#1 Reason Aquarium Fish Become Sick

The fish and aquarium community is a very caring and motivated bunch of people. The amount of devotion these people put forth towards their living habitats is mind blowing. If you have ever cared for an aquarium habitat, then you know it’s not easy work all the time.

With all controlled living habitats there are going to be problems and issues. In the case of fish and aquarium owners, it usually means a sick species or even death sometimes. These animals need certain living standards and meeting these perfect all the time can be almost impossible.

The number one reason as to why aquarium fish become sick is due to water clarity. Keeping up with water clarity is the hardest variable us aquarium owners battle with. The water is used for the fish to breath through, so it is a necessity to have up to par for the fish’s standards.

Tank Water Changes and Tap Water

Most city waters are filled with lots of harmful elements to fish. The reason for adding these additives to the water is to cut bacteria and make sure it is disease free for us humans to use on a daily basis. It works perfect for us but not most fish. Chlorine an other chemicals can easily kill your fish while he or she is breathing through it.

To rid of these problems in the water, they have created “Water Safe” droplets to add to the water for certain types of fish. Different fish species need different classifications of water treatment drops. It is added to the new water in the tank prior to the fish being added to the water. This makes it safe for your fish to be in the water from your faucet.

Filtering Feces From Water

All animals need to drop the feces at some point so your water is going to start being contaminated with fish feces. This is where your tank filter is suppose to cleanse and filter the water free of the feces and un-eaten particles of food. There hundreds of different styles of filters and ways in which they work. It’s up to you to make sure you have a filter that processes the water enough to where it stays clean as the fish continue to soil the water and have un-eaten food on a daily basis.

Water Not Clean Enough, What Happens?

When your water is not clean enough and your filter is not doing its job properly, bacteria starts to grow and nourish in the water. It’s just a matter or time tell that bacteria gets inside your fish and this is the most common fish dead here. Water filtration is a huge factor to having a healthy fish tank and living habitat for your fish. Do the proper research before jumping into huge decisions of owning aquarium fish.

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