Why Are Pesticides Necessary

Since the old ages, pests have become a nuisance to humans. Their negative impacts are normally reared in the form of rashes, itches and poisonous bites. Pests also play an infamous role in spreading pathogens, which ultimately translate into diseases. Examples of diseases that have emanated from pests include cholera, typhoid and diarrhea among others. Those who engage in agriculture are also familiar with the destructive effects that come embedded with pests. This is usually exhibited through reduced crop production or unhealthy livestock. Pests are mostly insects and examples of such destructive species include spiders, mosquitoes, houseflies and ticks among others.

The major antidote for the eradication of pests exists in the form of pesticides. Pesticides have become necessary weapons to win the war against pests. There are numerous kinds of pesticides in the market, which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. The necessity of pesticides owes credence to the advantages that accrue from using them.

Some of the merits of using pesticides include:

· Increase in food production

Stakeholders in the agricultural sector have benefited immensely from the existence of pesticides. These chemicals eradicate the pests, which have a knack for wrecking havoc on farm produce. As such, many farmers have suffered from reduced crop yield. However, with the eradication of such pests, increased food production will become a common outcome during the harvest season.

· Prevention of disease outbreaks

Another reason that validates the need for pesticides is the prevention of disease outbreaks. Pesticides have been helpful in forestalling diseases that are perpetuated by pests. For instance, insecticides are quite effective in killing pests such as mosquitoes or cockroaches. This means that households can avoid ailments like malaria or diarrhea. Other pesticides like fungicides are necessary for eradication of organisms that may accelerate the occurrence of diseases in the household.

· Decreased food prices

Somehow, the spiraling prices of food could be down to the diminished supply of this basic commodity. However, the application of pesticides is warranted in scenarios where pests are causing reduced food supply. In turn, this would enhance the availability of food in abundance—furthermore, the produce would be healthy. This way, food prices would be kept in check.

· Maintenance of infrastructures

When maintaining infrastructure, pesticides are an absolute necessity. This is particularly applicable in the case of herbicides, which play a vital role in the unclogging of waterways or navigable water bodies. If this would not be the case, then many towns would be stuck with obstructed railroads, utilities and highways.

· Protect human health

The primary reason for investing in pesticides is to safeguard the health of humans. This is especially necessary when attempting to eradicate poisonous substances from farm produce. A case in point is aflaxotin, which is prominent for its cancerous effects on those who consume contaminated maize. With the application of pesticides, people can control the effects of pests so that chances of aflatoxin contamination are nullified.

These reasons warrant the existence of pesticides in living in a safe environment. One thing of note is to always handle these chemicals safely so that they do not become double-edged swords. This means that they should be stored and applied safely to prevent them from harming non-targets.

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