What is the Job of a Pest Control Operator?

Pest control is an interesting industry to look into, as it’s not as straight forward as a lot of people think.

A pest control operator, technician or exterminator’s job involves a routine, just the same as that of a fireman, policeman or paramedic. As soon as they get a call they have to attend the scene of the infestation to assess the dangers to the building, anyone that lives or works there and themselves. Once the situation is assessed they evacuate the building and put on their protective clothes. They use special equipment, tools and treatments to eradicate the infestations of animals and insects from homes, schools and other buildings.


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Some pest controllers work for companies, such as food outlets, where a pest infestation would be a detrimental problem, rather than as an independent exterminator or working for a company. The most common insects and that pest control operators come across are cockroaches, fleas, termites, ants, bed bugs and spiders along with bee hives and wasp’s nests. The most common animals that common targets for extermination include mice and rats along with other types of rodent and birds or snakes that have made their homes in a building.

After an initial inspection the pest control technician usually prepares a report of the main areas of concern and the action that they believe should be taken. The owner of the house, business or school is then asked to read the contract. If they agree and sign it an appointment is scheduled for the pest control operator to return with a team to remove the pests.

The procedure that is undertaken often requires the use of toxic materials or gases and therefore the inhabitants are asked to vacate the property. The job of the team involves spraying the area with chemicals, setting traps, sealing up any areas that could be an entrance for the pests and destroying any nests or areas that pests may be breeding. They then give a further inspection a few months after the extermination has been carried out.

If pest control is carried out in a house on a street or where there are other houses within close proximity, neighbours usually contract pest control services to check that their house hasn’t also been affected. Many companies offer this inspection for free and they will come out and examine your home from top to bottom, any out buildings that you may have – including sheds – as well as under bushes, shrubs and around trees to ensure that they don’t miss anything that could, in future, cause a problem.

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