Weeding Out The Pests In Your Home

If you are sharing your home with little pests, you have probably had it!  Now is the time to call in the exterminators and surround your home with the top of the line pest control.  There are several little critters that can be causing your problems, here is how we can help you take care of your problem and control those pests.

It just so happens that with all the changing seasons, you will need to plan out a few months in advance.  For example, every fall my home is crawling with Box Elder bugs.  They are everywhere and start sneaking inside.  But as those start to die off and the cold weather sets in, I find that my basement is crawling with spiders.  You will need to determine the best type of pest control offers on a seasonal basis.

Mice Control Services

If you have already found a mouse in the house, you don’t need to be told twice that it might be time to consider some form of control.            Mice and rodents carry serious diseases that can make you very sick.  But since these little mice are quiet and lurk in the dark, you might not know there is a problem.  They commonly hang out in attics, under the porch or in the basement.  It is rare to find them out in the open, so it is difficult to catch them with traps.

Here are a few of the basics steps we provide to help you eliminate these rodents:

  1. Remove piles of trash and sources of food from around your house.
  2. Trim down overgrown plants or trees surrounding your home.
  3. We will fill any cracks on windows or doors.
  4. Help assess your home’s cleanliness and food storage methods.

Essentially one of the best ways to stop these rodents from getting inside is to have a pest control service come out and seal your entry ways.  Don’t provide them a way to sneak inside.

Bed Bugs Sharing Too Much Room In Bed

A few years ago, bed bugs were a major problem for the East Coast of the United States.  However, because so many people travel, they started spreading through the rest of the country.  Any soft surface was crawling with little critters; from movie theater seats, to beds, and walking carpet.  When my roommate returned to the house from Pennsylvania, she brought bed bugs with her.

Unfortunately, there are limited ways to stop these little critters.  Call a professional and they can discuss with you the options for your home.  They will help you either bug bomb your home or they will heat up your house and stop those bugs from living another day.  Since these are some of the only ways to return the house to being bug-free; you need to call the experts.

If you notice large red bumps or welts on your skin, with irritation and itching- call pest control!  These bits will need time to heal.  Check your bed for small brown bugs, or small blood stains in your sheets.  Call today to get your home back!

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Eight-Legged Spider Extermination

Nobody can really say they enjoy finding a spider in their house.  It is a source of panic for most people with a squeamish stomach.  It isn’t their quick reproduction or venom; but it’s those eight legs that move them so fast around your house.

Hire out a pest control service to spray the interior and exterior of your home.  For the best results, don’t just purchase a pest control spray at the grocery store.  Hire out the pest control services, because it comes with a guarantee.  Read through your contract to find out how long your home is covered, if you notice an increase in spiders, or that they are not dying, you can call and they will come re-spray your home at no charge.

Home Swarming from Bees and Wasps

Depending on where you live, your home can be buzzing from swarms of bees or wasps.  In the United States, there are over 4,000 types of different wasps.  They are attracted to sweets and various meats, as you might notice during a family outing or picnic.  Home your home sprayed for these pets, as they can pose problems to your home.

It is easy for the experts to treat honeybee swarms or hives.  Removal of these is easy with the right equipment.  Below is a list of the various kinds of bees to be aware of:

  • Honeybees
  • Bumblebees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Wasps
  • Sand Bees and Wasps

Removing these nests from your home’s attics and walls will help you feel safe at home.  All you will need is a few people around your home strung before you pick up the phone and call an exterminator today.  Let the experts assess the size of the colonies and help you rid your home.  Get back to buzz free and eliminate another pest around your home.

Trust Experienced Experts

When you are shopping around for extermination or pest control services, you need to do a little research.  While you have visitors all summer long knocking at your door, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Check out the company’s site.  See if they have some good reviews to go along with a handful of negative reviews.
  2. Ask for an inspection of the site or area for them to treat.  Let them tell you their professional opinion about your pests.
  3. Review the solutions to the problem.  If you are concerned about chemicals, ask about their organic cleaning methods.
  4. Review the contract before you sign. Look specifically for outlines on the guarantee of the work performed.
  5. Stay in touch with them while the services are being carried. Verify that the services are being carried out.
  6. Now just do your part to clean up around you house, fix problem areas.  Stay on top of it and return your home to a pest free zone.

Trust experience, we are here to help you restore your home.  We certify and work with this type of problem every day.  Experts are the best way to go when trying to rid your home of household annoyances, call your local pest control service today.

Author Bio

Lacie writes for local companies to help readers with in home subjects such as pest control. She is currently working on community out reach and education program revolving around pest control in Salt Lake City and how to rid homes and apartments of these pesty critters.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smalltownguy22/1263732857/

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