Protect Your Home With Termite Prevention And Treatments

Termites are popular pests that destroy whatever size of wood that may come their way. They can breed and live in low humid areas, yet they have a preference to keep on traveling from one place to another. This is why they can easily destroy an array of wooden objects from roofs, floorings, windows, doors and wooden furniture. They damage a home unnoticed and are often detected only after at least five years of their infestation. At this point, they will have already done serious damage to a home which is dangerous. Thus, prevention is always the better treatment, but if they have already infested your home, and then opt for effective yet natural treatments to protect your family from harm.

Identify Termites

Regular termite inspections are necessary in a house and every bit of wooden objects including corners of walls, doors and furniture must be checked. Most of the time, the presence of termites is detected when wood is tapped and it falls apart. You can also check for red to black tiny droppings. Once you find that there are too many patches or locations where termites may be infesting, it is important that you seek the expertise of a pest control professional to get rid of the termites for you. However, if you are dealing with a new or small number of infestations, then you can opt for alternative methods.

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Termite Prevention

The best way to protect your house is to practice termite prevention methods. Dealing with an infestation after can be time consuming and costly at times, so prevention is always the better solution. Here are some termite prevention methods that you can apply:

  • The location of drains in your house must be designed away from wooden doors and furniture.
  • Walls must be kept dry with a cross ventilation system between the foundation walls.
  • Termite resistant materials must be used during the construction or renovation of the house.
  • Houses must be built with at least six inches of foundation above the soil because termites do not like to climb too much.
  • All wooden objects and furniture must be covered with a weather sealer to prevent it from accumulating moisture.
  • Water must not be allowed to settle around the house.
  • Constantly move furniture around in your house.
  • Remove any pieces of wood that is lying around or against your house to deny termites from having access to your home.

Alternative Treatments

If termites have just begun to infest your home, continue to practice prevention methods while applying these treatments.

  • Boric acid is one of the popular and oldest methods of termite control. It is affordable and accessible that can be bought in powder form at drug stores, hardware stores and home improvement stores. Apply boric acid to treat wood before you apply anything else on it.
  • After using boric acid to treat wood for termites, you can also use paint to get rid of the remaining termites and seal the boric acid in.
  • Soak some wooden stakes in a mixture of boric acid and water, and then bury the stakes into the ground surrounding the house. These must be replaced right after termites have eaten them.

Termites can also be killed through heat tenting where the house tented and the temperature is increased with propane heaters to over 120° F which is intolerable for termites.


Valerie Oliver is a freelance writer specializing in natural pest control methods. She regularly contributes articles to various pest control websites that offer termite control Baltimore.

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