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1) What are the characteristics of a mouse house?
2) Why rats are now global cosmopolitan animal?
3) Where can we find different species of ants?
4) How can we save money on pest control?
5) What to do with pests?

What are you waiting for? Opt for Pest Control and Save Money! There are several plagues that can affect your home and/or business. Read on to find out about the most popular pests.

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In case you did not know a mouse house is very easy to identify. It is very common and easy to observe, it is quite small, measuring about 20 cm, and its tail does not exceed 10 cm. in length. The coat color is usually gray on the upper parts, sometimes studded with black and lighter color on the belly and under parts.

Rats are now global cosmopolitan animals; they have been introduced by humans worldwide. The body is covered by a gray-haired, wide and rigid; the tail is long, large ears and pointed snout. Rats have very powerful teeth so they can get to gnaw on the wooden walls to get food, are known to be capable of piercing many metal items.


In an urban or semi-urban spot, we can find different species. For example in summer winged ants can be a real pest that sneaks everywhere. These ants both, male and female come to mate and build new colonies, they begin forming groups can be really great.

Black ants (Lasius Niger), are the typical garden ants. In summer, they generate huge amounts of winged individuals. Their diet is varied, but they prefer sweet and fatty substances.Another common type of ant is the Pharaoh Ant (Monomoriumpharaonis). These are omnivorous insects, but they have a preference for sweet substances.

In any case, the ants pose a special health problem in places where food is handled or stored, kitchens, restaurants, stores, packers and preserves, etc.

What to do?

You might want to consider Pest Control and Save Money solutions. In case you feel dubious, you learn how to identify a plague. Then you must maintain hygiene: remove any bits of food that could attract ants. Note that the Ant favorite food is sweet as sugar, the also feed on flower nectar and honeydew produced by other insects, those who care and advocate of predators.

All sorts of pests transmit various diseases. Microorganisms start dragging their body inside houses, contaminating food and various surfaces. For instance, termites (also known as white ants) belong to the order Isoptera, these are considered social insects and feed on wood and other cellulose-rich materials. Termites digest cellulose with the help of microorganisms living in symbiosis in their digestive system. There are different types of termites, underground wet wood and dry wood.

They live in colonies that can have more than 2 million individuals. In each colony, the queen is the only one that lays eggs. Most of these wingless insects but during the breeding season some develop these organs and leave the group to form their own colonies.

Subterranean termites are the most destructive insects of wood. Their presence is not noticed easily and commonly damage is evident before setting out termites.

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Pest Control and Save Money: Top measures

As a final note, control measures include reducing the potential infestation, preventing termite entry and remedied by applying chemicals. Say yes to quality solutions. Now that you know about the most common pests, you should feel ready to battle them.

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