How to Find a Quality Exterminator

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just need an exterminator.  Whether it’s rodents, insects or reptiles, once they start to take over an area of your home or anywhere else, you need help.  Of course, hiring the first person that comes along calling themselves an exterminator probably isn’t the wisest course of action.  The real question is, how do you find a quality exterminator?

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Relevant Experience

Relevant experience basically means having experience getting rid of the same kind of animals as you have.  If you have raccoons nesting in your attic, it isn’t going to do you any good to hire someone who has tons of experience getting rid of bees, but none with raccoons.

Hiring someone with relevant experience means they have likely seen all the tricks and twists and turns that the animal in question has to offer.


If the company you want to use has a good reputation within the community, that’s another way to know you’re headed in the right direction.  People will usually willingly share stories about exterminators and similar services, so if you hear anything bad, you should probably think twice.  Ask around amongst your family and friends when you’re about to begin your search.


To find a quality exterminator for your purposes, it’s important that both philosophies are in line with one another.  That means, if you really don’t feel right about any animals being killed, make sure the company you choose offers humane methods to get rid of the animals.

Quick Response

If there’s one thing you almost always need when a group of animals has taken over part of your property, it’s a speedy response.  In some cases the infestation might be an actual emergency, but most of the time you just want those things out of there as soon as humanly possible.  Look for fast response as one of the features of the company you eventually select.

Licensed & Insured

Proper licensing and insurance is a must for anyone you allow onto your property to perform extermination services.  Don’t even consider hiring anyone who doesn’t have these two basic pieces of documentation.


It goes without saying that you don’t want to end up spending an excessive amount of money to get rid of your problem.  Of course, the level of urgency in the situation will dictate the price you get to a certain extent.  If you are in a big rush to get someone out there, you might have to settle for the first one you get in touch with, but if you have a little more time you can shop around.

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